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Best Organic Cotton Bedding Brands For A Great Night’s Sleep

Our bedding can make a huge difference to the quality of our sleep. Cotton, for example, is much more breathable and cooling, compared to polyester blends. If you are looking to upgrade your bedding to cotton, then check out the Moral Fibres recommendations for the best organic cotton bedding brands.

To help support the running costs of Moral Fibres, this post contains affiliate links, denoted by *. This means that Moral Fibres may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to readers, on items purchased through these links. This income helps keep this site running.

For many of us, cotton is our top choice when it comes to bedding. And for good reason. Cotton is breathable, hypoallergenic and long-lasting.

What’s more cotton helps to draw moisture away from the skin. This has two benefits. It helps to keep you cool during hot summer nights and helps to keep you cosy during the autumn and winter chills.

Due to the many benefits of cotton, cotton is the second most-produced fibre in the world, after polyester. Choosing organic cotton is one great way to make a tangible positive impact on the environment.

Why Organic Cotton?

Until recently, it was claimed that using organic cotton uses 91% less water compared to non-organic cotton. However, these claims have now been thoroughly debunked. This doesn’t make organic cotton a bad choice though when it comes to bedding. Organic cotton is grown without synthetic chemicals and pesticides and without genetically modified (GMO) seeds.

Conventional cotton, on the other hand, is grown with synthetic chemical inputs and/or genetically modified seeds.

Removing synthetic pesticides from the cotton-growing process is good for the environment – reducing the risk of biodiversity loss associated with pesticides. It also helps to protect the health of farm workers, and cotton pickers, as well as communities living close to cotton farms.

Choosing organic cotton over inferior standards, such as BCI Cotton, also helps maintain a market for organic cotton.

The Best Organic Cotton Bedding Brands To Know

Bed with pink bed sheets, with blue text box that says the best organic cotton bedding brands for a great night's sleep.

To help you find the best organic cotton bedding brands, here are the Moral Fibres’ top picks when it comes to duvet covers, pillowcases, fitted sheets and more.


Urbanara bed covers in navy blue.

Urbanara* is a great choice for organic cotton bedding. Its Manteigas Percale Bedding range – comprising of duvet covers, pillowcases and fitted sheets – comes in six different colours. These range from muted neutrals to rich hues to complement any style of bedroom.

The Mateigas range is made in Portugal, from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. This independent certification ensures that no synthetic pesticides have been used in the production of the raw cotton.

The range is also OEKO-TEX certified. This is an independent test and certification process, to ensure that finished products are free of harmful levels of toxic substances, such as harmful dyes added during an item’s production.

With a 200 thread count, these light, breathable and soft duvet covers will help you get a great night’s sleep.

Check out the full range of organic cotton bedding directly at Urbanara*, from £52.

Fou Furnishings

Striped organic cotton bedding from Fou Furnishings.

If you are looking for plain white duvet covers, or white with a subtle pattern, then Fou Furnishing’s range of organic cotton bedding is one to look at.

Only available in white, the entire range including duvet covers, pillowcases and flat sheets – are all made from organic cotton, sourced from Fairtrade suppliers in India. With an envelope opening on the duvet, there are no poppers or buttons to contend with either.

Fou Furnishings is certified by GOTS. And with a 250 thread count, Fou Furnishings say its ethically sourced range has been specially created to be durable, yet consistent with the quality you’d find in high-end hotels.

Available in single, double and king size, single duvet covers.

Available via Ethical Superstore* and Traidcraft*, from £22.95 to £94.95.

Natural Collection

Natural Collection white duvet cover and pillows.

Natural Collection’s range of bedding* comes in a cream colour. Rather than a design decision, this is because Natural Collection’s organic cotton bedding is naturally whitened. As no chlorine or optical brighteners have been used the sheets are therefore not a ‘true’ white, and are more cream, or ecru.

Natural Collection has been supporting sustainable production, ethical innovation and green ideas since 1999.

With duvet covers available in single, double and king size, alongside matching pillowcases, the only thing missing from the range are fitted sheets.

Browse the Natural Collection range at Ethical Superstore*, from £26.95.

The Wool Room Organic Cotton Bedding

Bed made with Wool Room white duvet cover.

Contrary to what the name may suggest, The Wool Room’s range of luxurious bedding* is made from organic cotton, not wool!

The Wool Room’s bedding is made in Portugal from 100% organic percale cotton. Percale isn’t a fabric blend – it’s the name of a type of weave specifically used when making bed linen. It’s a simple criss-cross pattern, which enables the threads to be woven tightly. This gives a light, crisp, and durable finish to your sheets.

The Wool Room’s organic cotton is GOTS-certified, for your peace of mind. And this 200 thread count range of duvet covers and fitted and flat sheets come in single, double, kingsize, super king and emperor sizes.

You can also find a range of matching organic cotton pillowcases – in Oxford, Housewife and even V-shaped – for all your pillow-related needs.

Browse the full range directly at The Wool Room*, from £10.99.

Marquis & Dawe

Marquis & Dawe organic cotton bedding in dark blue.

Marquis & Dawe’s range of organic cotton bedding* comes in four shades – moss green, dusk blue, white and perfectly pale – a creamy hue. These are available in organic percale cotton, and in organic cotton sateen depending on your preference.

If you are wondering what sateen is, then again, like percale, sateen isn’t a blend of fibres. Instead, sateen refers to the weave of the cotton fibres.

When making sateen, the cotton is woven to maximise the visible threads on the top side of the fabric. This gives sateen a softness and shine to the upper side of the fabric, whilst the bottom side has a dull appearance. Sateen is also silky, and wrinkle-resistant. It’s also heavier, so tends to be warmer.

If you are a hot sleeper, then I’d pick regular cotton over sateen. And if you are always cold then sateen may be a cosier choice for you.

Marquis & Dawe’s range of bedding is made in Portugal and is both 100% GOTS certified organic and Oeko-Tex certified.

Available in single, double, king, and super-king sizes, the bedding also ships plastic-free.

View the full Marquis & Dawe range at Not On The High Street*, from £55.

As always, I seek to keep this page updated, so as and when I find more organic cotton bedding brands I’ll be sure to list them here.

And although it’s unlikely that you need advice on keeping warm right now, do also check out my simple tip on how to keep warm in bed. This is especially so if you are upgrading your bed sheets, as you may want to size up!

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Best Sustainable T-Shirts To Add To Your Ethical Wardrobe

Looking for an ethical and organic t-shirt? Here are the Moral Fibres’ top recommendations for sustainable t-shirts – from organic and Fairtrade cotton and more.

To help support the running costs of Moral Fibres, this post contains affiliate links, denoted by *. This means that Moral Fibres may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to readers, on items purchased through these links. This income helps keep this site running.

With an increasing number of people aware of the litany of environmental and social problems caused by the rise in fast fashion, more and more people want to make their wardrobes more sustainable.

A great place to start is the humble t-shirt. Next to our jeans, the t-shirt might be one of the hardest-working items in our wardrobes. We work out in our t-shirts, we dress them up, we dress them down, and we chill out in them.

If you are looking for a more sustainable t-shirt, then the good news is that you are spoiled for choice. There are more sustainable t-shirts out there than you could shake a stick at.

However, when faced with so much choice, how do you work out what the best t-shirts are, free from greenwashing?

The Best Sustainable T-Shirts For The Ethical Shopper

Person wearing a white t-shirt and black trousers, with a blue text box that reads guide to the best sustainable t-shirts for men and women.

To help you out, I’ve rounded up the very best sustainable t-shirts where ethical considerations aren’t just a marketing ploy, but central to how these brands do business. I’ve also aimed to find size-inclusive brands, that offer budget-friendly t-shirts under £50.

The price range key for this guide is £ = Under £50 | ££ = £50 – £100 | £££ = £100+

I’m mindful that everyone has different ethics when it comes to clothing. As such, this guide has been designed to be a starting-off point for you to research the most sustainable option for your own particular set of ethics.


Person wearing a grey Allbirds sustainable t-shirt

Budget: £ – ££

Caters For: Men and Women

Sizes: Women’s UK 4 – 26 / Men’s XS – 3XL

Allbirds*, the ethical shoe retailer, has a small but perfectly formed range of super size-inclusive casual t-shirts for men and women made responsibly from sustainable materials.

Available in a range of colours and styles – from classic fit t-shirts to long and short-sleeved t-shirts, and t-shirts for running in. These are made from a blend of sustainable Tencel and mulesing-free merino wool, for a breathable and silky smooth feel. The inclusion of merino wool means Allbird tees aren’t vegan-friendly though, so that’s something to bear in mind.

Allbirds say that offering a carefully curated product range fit for all seasons, means that it can maintain a small, tight-knit supply chain.

Birdsong Sustainable T-Shirts

Person wearing a white Birdsong tee.

Budget: £

Caters For: Unisex Styles

Sizes XS – 5XL

Birdsong London* produces ethically made unisex slogan t-shirts.  All of its clothing is made in East London by talented women, who would otherwise face barriers to employment, and who are paid a London living wage. What’s more, Birdsong London only source from the most ecologically friendly and high-quality suppliers it can find.

Materials include responsible materials like bamboo lyocell, Tencel, organic cotton, and reclaimed fabrics from charities like Traid, for clothing with a low impact on the planet.

Another positive is that Birdsong London orders are posted by Mail Out. This is an organisation that supports the well-being of people with learning disabilities and offers apprenticeships in warehousing.

Colorful Standard

Person wearing a beige Colorful Standard organic t-shirt.

Budget: £

Caters For: Men and Women and Unisex Styles

Sizes: XS – XXL

Looking for a sustainable t-shirt in a very specific colour? Then head straight to Colorful Standard*. This sustainable essentials brand specialises in high-quality 100% organic clothing in almost every colour you could ever imagine.

It’s no word of a lie. I’ve counted, and Colorful Standards t-shirts come in an amazing 55 different colours. These range from muted neutral shades, to bold and vibrant tones. I’ve come to conclude that if you can’t find the colour of organic t-shirt you want at Colorful Standard then it probably doesn’t exist!

Find classic fit t-shirts, oversized fit t-shirts, and long-sleeve t-shirts, in male, female and unisex styles, all around the £30 mark.

The best part is that you don’t have to compromise your ethics. All of its t-shirts are ethically made in Portugal using 100% organic cotton. Colorful Standard also plants one tree for every order placed.

And whilst you might be worried about the environmental impact of all these dyes, you can breathe easy.  Colorful Standard says all of the dyes it uses to develop its various shades are all Oeko-Tex Certified. This is an independent verification scheme where its dyes have been thoroughly tested for harmful chemicals.

What’s more, Colorful Standard garment dyes its t-shirts. This means that the t-shirts are first produced, and then dyed according to demand only. This way, Colorful Standard can produce its products without wasting large quantities of dye.

Browse the selection of hoodies directly via the Colorful Standard website*.

Organic Basics

Person wearing a white Organic Basics tee.

Budget: £ – ££

Caters for: Men and Women

Sizes: XXS – 3XL

Organic Basics* offer a wide range of styles of organic t-shirts for both men and women, in neutral colourways.

The majority of Organic Basics sustainable t-shirts are made in Europe from pure organic cotton. This gives a natural stretch without the need for any synthetic blends.

All Organic Basics clothing is made in better working conditions with living wages, no child labour, freely chosen employment and respect for the environment.

Its ethical t-shirts are also PETA “Vegan Approved”. This means that the product is cruelty-free – and that it does not contain any animal products or by-products.

Use the exclusive discount code WENDYOBC to take 10% off your order.

Lavender Hill

Person wearing a Lavender Hill t-shirt in pale blue.

Budget: £

Caters for: Women

Sizes: 6 – 18

Lavender Hill* specialises in affordable yet luxurious ethical tops and t-shirts that are designed to form a key part of your wardrobe.

Available in a wide range of fits, necklines, sleeve lengths and neutral colours – these unfussy wardrobe staples have been designed to always be in style and to work with everything you already have.

Lavender Hill makes the majority of its clothing in the UK, using only traceable natural fabrics such as linen and Tencel, and using only environmentally friendly dyes.


Person wearing a black Boody sustainable top.

Budget: £

Caters for: Men and Women

Sizes: S – XL

Overwhelmed by choice, and just want a sustainable t-shirt in classic black or white? Try Boody* for classic short-sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts for men and women.

All of Boody’s t-shirts are ethically made from organically grown bamboo. These are then produced by adhering to the highest standards for both the planet and its workers. 

In fact, Boody is certified as both Ecocert Approved – which guarantees Boody meets the best environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices – and is PETA-approved vegan. Boody is also a certified B-Corp. This means the brand has been independently verified as meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

The t-shirts themselves are super soft, and sweat-wicking – meaning these are great for hot days or for exercising in.

Take 15% off your first order when you sign up for Boody’s mailing list.

Bam: Bamboo

Person wearing a black BAM: Bamboo tee.

Budget: £

Caters for: Men and Women

Sizes: Women’s UK sizes 8 – 16 / Men’s sizes S – XXL

If you are looking for eco-friendly t-shirts for sports and exercise, then BAM: Bamboo Clothing* is one to look at. BAM offers a wide range of t-shirts made for both men and women, which have been manufactured ethically and responsibly from sustainable materials.

Made from bamboo and organic cotton, its lightweight and highly breathable jersey t-shirts are naturally cool and comfortable. Many t-shirts in the range also have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+. This means the t-shirt blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

BAM’s t-shirts are ethically produced in Europe and Turkey, with prices around the £25 mark.  Additionally, sign up to the Bam: Bamboo mailing list and get 10% off your first order.

Thought Clothing

Person wearing Thought hemp t-shirt in navy.

Budget: £

Caters for: Men and Women

Sizes: Men’s XS – 3XL / Women’s UK sizes 6 – 20

With a focus on natural and sustainable fabrics and fair production, Thought Clothing* is a great choice when it comes to ethical fashion

The women’s collection offers a stylish range of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fairtrade certified organic cotton t-shirts all under £35. Available in a range of styles, including tie-front styles, and a rainbow of colours – from pastels to jazzy hues – there is something for almost everyone.

The men’s collection has the widest selection of t-shirts. From super sustainable hemp to GOTS organic cotton there is a variety of choices when it comes to styles, colours and patterns.

Sign up to the Thought mailing list, and get 15% off your first order.

Finisterre Sustainable Organic T-Shirts

Person wearing a cream Finisterre T-shirt

Budget: £

Caters for: Men and Women

Sizes: Men’s XS – XXL / Women’s UK size 8 – 18

Finisterre* designs sustainable outdoor clothing that is inspired by the sea.

Using eco-friendly materials, such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton, renewable and recyclable textiles and natural fibres and finishes, the result is an impressive sustainable collection of clothing. This includes men’s and women’s t-shirts in a variety of styles and fun designs, all designed to last.

What’s also to love is that your order is posted out to you using plastic-free packaging. You won’t find any sneaky plastic at Finisterre!

Take 10% off your first order when you sign up to the Finisterre mailing list.

Looking To Sell Sustainable and Organic T-Shirts?

I often get requests from people wanting to design and print, and sell their own sustainable and organic t-shirts, and are looking for recommendations for trusted suppliers or wholesalers.

I tend to point people towards Teemill*. Here you can customise your own free webshop and design organic t-shirts and other products. Conveniently, every time someone makes an order from your store, it’s sent instantly to Teemill’s factory.

Teemill organic t-shirt design

Teemill then prints the design directly to the garment, packs it, and ships it straight to your customers. Teemill also deals with any returns, making it a hassle-free process.

And there’s more to love! Every Teemill garment is designed to be returned to Teemill when it’s worn out, so it can be recycled and made into new Teemill products. Teemill rewards each return with store credit, to incentivise return.

Teemill’s sustainability credentials are not to be sneezed at. All of its garments are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and packaged in sustainable plastic-free packaging. What’s more, its print-to-order technology means zero waste, and it allows you to build an online store without inventory.

Teemill’s approach to the circular economy means old t-shirts are recovered and remade, further reducing waste. It’s a great option for starting your own ethical t-shirt business, or to run alongside any other products you sell.

Looking for more ethical clothing recommendations? Do check out my guides to ethical women’s clothing and ethical men’s clothing.