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A Beautiful Cornish Home

vintage bedroom

Want to tour a beautiful Cornish home that’s packed to the rafters with stunning secondhand furniture? Yes? Great, dive on in!

There’s not much to update on our search for a home, I’m afraid.  We’ve found a house that we love but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a straightforward purchase (are they ever?!). So while we impatiently wait to hear whether our bank will approve a mortgage on it or not we’re holding our breath and crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.  And, ahem, looking at interior design sites to get ideas for our future house, whether it’s that one or a different one.

Whilst browsing some of favourite interior sites, I came across this beautiful Cornish home of Dai and Rosie Hughes and fell in love.  Like the other homes I’ve featured in the past, Dai and Rosie have focused heavily on secondhand furniture: from family heirlooms to eBay, car boot, charity shop, and vintage shop finds to furnish their home with stunning effect.

The Bedroom

I’m particularly enamoured with their bedroom – the bed is just beautiful! It reminds me of the bed I slept in at my granny’s house.

vintage bed
antique bed
vintage bedroom furniture

The Living Room

Their living room looks like a real cosy family-oriented space. Look at that fire!

living room secondhand furniture in home tour
vintage toys in home tour

The Kitchen

And their kitchen even features units made from old tea chests, as well as a gorgeous retro Formica table:

upcycled tea chests in home tour

The Garden

Finally, I have a lot of love for their allotment garden! Do you think they will let me move into their lovely home?!

allotment garden home tour

For the full house tour, including more photos, do see the original Apartment Therapy post.  Their kid’s bedrooms are a thing of beauty too!

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Home, Home and Garden

Charity Shop Style – Lesley’s Gorgeous Home

vintage furniture
vintage furniture

Enjoy this beautiful house tour, that’s brimming with effortless charity shop style.

I stumbled across the home of printmaker Lesley Greening Lassoff the other day when I was browsing the internet, and fell in love with its effortless charity shop style.

Lesley has furnished her home mainly with charity shop, eBay and car boot finds.  This decision was partly borne out of necessity as Lesley says “When I was furnishing the house I didn’t have much money, but it was an enjoyable challenge“. However, it’s clear that it was also partly as a stand against consumerism as she adds “I don’t like buying new, and I enjoy having a rummage or a forage in charity shops“.

Lesley’s home has come together beautifully, and I love the relaxed and cosy feel of her house. Take a look!

The Living Room

Doesn’t the living room make you want to pour yourself a steaming cup of tea and curl up in the armchair with a good book?  Just me?!

charity shop style
parker knoll chair
house furnished with secondhand furniture
secondhand house

Thanks to Lesley I’ve now added Parker Knoll armchairs to my charity shop watch list!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a vintage lover’s treat too. String shelves, Hornsea pottery, and chequerboard floor tiles ahoy! I love this quirky look!

chequerboard floor tiles
string shelves

The Bedroom

Lesley’s bedroom continues with the vintage furniture vibe. It can be easy to get vintage wrong, but Lesley has managed to reach a balance where the furniture doesn’t feel loud or overpowering:

2nd hand furniture oozing charity shop style
secondhand style blog oozing charity shop style

You can see the full house tour and read more details about Lesley’s beautiful home on Apartment Therapy. Do take a read!

All photos c/o Rebecca Bond / Apartment Therapy

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