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Six Recycled Headboard Ideas

recycled headboard idea
recycled headboard idea

Looking for some recycled headboard ideas? I’ve got a load for you!

I watch a reasonable amount of home decor programmes.  It’s one of my guilty pleasures in life!  I also spend a little bit of time on Pinterest (another guilty pleasure!) and something that I haven’t failed to notice is recycled headboards.  They’re everywhere!

I’m not one for jumping on trends for the sake of it, but I really love this idea.  If you’ve got an old divan frame then a recycled headboard is a great way to update a room with minimum impact on the environment.

To get you started here are six recycled headboard ideas to suit every taste and style:

Six Recycled Headboard Ideas

Here are six eco-friendly headboard ideas that are proof that you can recycle just about anything to make a zero-waste headboard!


recycled headboard ideas

This oar headboard from Bees Knees Bungalow is so striking.  Perfect for a nautical-themed bedroom!


recycled headboard ideas

This headboard made from old books is a colourful and creative way to use old damaged books.


recycled headboard ideas

This headboard is cleverly made from old pallets.  It cost Whitney and Dustin, the bloggers behind The Rooster and The Hen, just $8 to make!

Recycled Headboard Made From Floorboards

upcycled headboard ideas

This modern and striking headboard is made from reclaimed oak floorboards, by interior designer Paul Flynn.


upcycled headboard ideas

Isn’t this headboard made from old fencing, found on House Tweaking, so unique?

Recycled Headboard Made From Old Doors

recycled headboard ideas

This is my kind of DIY – simply place an old door behind your bed and hey presto, an instant headboard!  This photo is by Annie Schlechter and I found it on Decoholic.

More Eco-Friendly Bedroom Tips

If these recycled headboard ideas have given you the nudge to brighten up your bedroom, then here are a couple of other environmental tips:

If you’re renovating your bedroom and replacing your bed and/or mattress then if they’re in good condition then I would always suggest either donating your old bed and/or mattress to charity.  Another idea is to pass it on to someone in need via the freebies section on Gumtree or by using Freecycle.  It costs nothing and ensures your bed will remain in use.

If your old bed and/or mattress is completely worn out then recycling it is a good option.  Although I personally would happily buy a secondhand bed frame, a mattress is something I’d always buy new.  If you’re the same, then even if you’re just buying a new mattress from a retailer, then one of the easiest ways to recycle your bed and/or mattress is to take advantage of furniture recycling services offered by some retailers.

For headboard materials try Freecycle for pallets, flooring or old doors, or architectural salvage yards for more ornate and period features.  I’m not too sure about old oars – any ideas?!

In case you are interested, then I’ve got lots of other sustainable bedroom ideas. Here’s a guide to ethical bedding and here’s some ethical bedroom inspiration.

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A Stunning Eco-Friendly House Tour

eco-friendly house tour

Looking for a visually inspiring eco-friendly house tour? I’ve got such a good one for you today, that’s a real treat for your eyes. Read on!

I love a good look around other people’s houses, especially when they’re as stunning as Artemis Russell’s vintage-inspired home.

Artemis is a blogger at Junkaholique (one of my all-time favourite blogs) and jewellery maker from the Isle of Wight.  Artemis and her husband Nao have furnished their beautiful home mostly with secondhand car-boot, flea-market, and charity shop finds.  This has created a stunning, yet simple look, that’s warm, inviting, and easy on the environment.  

Artemis’s Eco-Friendly House Tour

As such, I couldn’t resist giving you this eco-friendly house tour:

junkaholique living room
artemis russell living room
eco friendly dining room
atermis russell junkaholique
eco friendly house tour interior
eco friendly house tour

I love all of her vintage and antique finds that together make this home so unique and so homely.  It clearly looks like a labour of love!

Artemis and Nao live here with their young daughter, and it looks like such a fun place for their daughter to grow up in. From the toys dotted around here and there, to the art station on the dining room table ready for some crafting adventures.

home made mobile

And speaking of crafting, Artemis is also one crafty mama. She has made a lot of items for her home, including this beautiful whale and fish mobile for her daughter. And can we just marvel for a minute at her home-made Wendy house:

diy wendy house

Talk about dream Wendy house!

I’m completely smitten with Artemis’s house as a whole. As such, I could post a million more photos of her gorgeous eco-friendly house!  Instead, go have a look at Junkaholique and be prepared to lose a good few hours dreamily browsing her archives! You can also follow Artemis along on Instagram for more inspiration.

ps: if you enjoyed this post then you can find more eco-friendly house tours here!