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How To Recycle Inflatables, Paddling Pools & More!

Wondering how to recycle inflatables, paddling pools, and more?  Read on – I’ve got details of a great initiative for you! 

Summer has officially come to a close in Scotland.  All the schools have resumed, and the beaches are quiet.  This is despite being filled with happy kids, fish and chips, ice-creams, buckets and spades, and lilos and rubber rings just a few weeks previously.

If you have kids, or even if you don’t have kids, you may have amassed a collection of inflatables over the summer.  From lilos to rubber rings, from paddling pools to inflatable dinghies, you may have some in your shed or garage or stuffed under the stairs.

What To Do With A Burst Inflatable or Paddling Pool?

The trouble is that these items are delicate and don’t always withstand one summer’s worth of use, or three seasons of storage.  If your paddling pool or inflatable has a puncture that can’t be repaired or is intended for the bin, then don’t bin it.  Did you know your unwanted inflatables and paddling pools can be recycled rather cleverly?

Indeed, the clever people at Wyatt and Jack run an inflatables amnesty.  Here you can post them your inflatables or paddling pools that would have otherwise gone in the bin and they will work their magic. Magic being turning them into rather funky bags, like the one below.

how to recycle inflatables

Isn’t that such a clever way on how to recycle inflatables?

How To Recycle Inflatables & Paddling Pools

If you are an Isle of Wight local, Wyatt and Jack will collect your burst inflatable or paddling pool from you. Otherwise, you can post your inflatable or paddling pool to them at:

Wyatt & Jack Inflatable Amnesty

Unit 7 – Weavers Yard

Lane End


Isle Of Wight

PO35 5US

Wyatt and Jack will kindly refund your postage for you.  Therefore recycling your inflatable will cost you nothing, whilst taking all the hard work out of how to recycle inflatables!

They are also appealing for coastal businesses, cafes, and beach shops to act as collection points for the amnesty.  If that’s you, or you know anyone who fits the bill, then drop Wyatt and Jack an email on hello@wyattandjack.com

Happy recycling!

Please note, I receive a huge volume of emails asking if I am still accepting inflatables and paddling pools for recycling.  Please note, I am not connected to Wyatt & Jack so please contact them directly with any queries.

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how to recycle paddling pools

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Plastic-Free July Ideas To Try This Summer

plastic-free July ideas
plastic free July ideas

Need some Plastic-Free July ideas? I have so many for you right here!

Hello! Happy July everyone! I’m on my holidays right now, so no Ten Things today, but I just wanted to pop in quickly as today marks the start of Plastic-Free July, an annual movement to help reduce the use of single-use plastics. I have tons of Plastic-free July ideas bursting out of my archives!

Plastic-Free July Ideas

As it’s the start of July, I thought now would be a good time to re-publish my plastic-free February post in case anyone is looking for some plastic-free July ideas.  I have amassed a few useful plastic-free July ideas over the years that may be helpful to you!

The Plastic-Free Kitchen

Eco-friendly alternatives to cling film to help you stop buying the plastic stuff.

How to make your own beeswax food wraps.

I found some eco-friendly and plastic-free dishwasher detergent!

There’s plastic in your tea – and plastic-free alternatives to teabags.

How to dry mint leaves for tea – I’m still working my way through my batch from summer.

Whilst on the tea theme – I found the world’s best reusable cup for coffee/tea on the go.

You can still have your crisps and eat them with this seriously tasty zero waste crisps recipe

Skip the bagged salad – here’s how to grow snow pea shoots indoors for the princely sum of 13p.

Finally, I wrote on how to go (almost!) plastic-free in the kitchen.

Plastic-Free Health & Beauty

How to minimise your use of plastic in the bathroom – updated for 2018!

How to make reusable cotton wool pads – say bye-bye to disposable wipes or single-use cotton wool pads!

Washing and cleansing the plastic-free way.

A guide to plastic-free make-up.

Eco-friendly alternatives to glitter if you just can’t live in a world without glitter.

How to have an eco-friendly period

Plastic-Free Bathroom Supplies & Toiletries

Plastic-Free July Cleaning Ideas

My green cleaning favourites

Or there’s this…! ;)

General Plastic-Free Living

How to use reusable nappies – they’re not as scary, difficult, or yucky as you might think!

Surprising items that contain plastic – chewing gum anyone?

How to stop junk mail – that barrage of unwanted plastic that comes through our doors every day.

Are you taking part in plastic-free July?  If so, do share with me your top plastic-free tips, or what hurdles you’ve encountered, or any other useful advice!