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Guide to Plastic-Free Conditioner

zero waste conditioner uk
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I’ve been on the hunt for some plastic-free conditioner that doesn’t dry out my hair.  I’ve been using solid conditioner bars since the start of this year, but over the long run, I noticed my long-ish hair becoming dry and prone to breakage.  A problem I’ve never suffered from before.  

I tried using an apple cider rinse, which I categorically did not enjoy.  I didn’t feel that it worked for me, and don’t even ask me about the smell.  All I’ll say is that perhaps my hair is more porous than most…

Although solid conditioner bars are easily accessible, and the default zero-waste option, I wanted to see what plastic-free conditioner options were out there that aren’t solid bars.  As sharing is caring, I thought I’d share the fruits of my plastic-free conditioner research with you lovely lot.  Don’t say I’m not good to you!  

plastic-free conditioner uk
Clockwise from top left

Lavender + Rose Geranium Hair Conditioner

This preservative and silicone free lavender and rose geranium hair conditioner from Wild Sage & Co is infused with broccoli seed oil (yes, broccoli) for naturally shiny and silky smooth hair.  Priced at £20 for 175 ml, it does cost a pretty penny, but apparently you don’t need to use as much as you would with regular conditioner. 

Packaged in: a glass bottle and metal lid.

Bentonite Clay Conditioner  

This bentonite clay conditioner* is by Afro Bob Tro.  Priced between £9.50 and £18, it’s pH balanced to suit afro hair. 

This plastic-free conditioner contains no preservatives, colours, silicones, sulphates, mineral oils or parabens.  Packed full of natural ingredients, such as shea, argan, grapeseed, hemp, olive, and coconut oils, selected for their conditioning properties, and pro-vitamin B5, panthenol and wheat protein for strength and shine. 

Packaged in: glass jar with metal lid

Argan Oil

This fairtrade and certified organic Argan Oil from Conscious Skincare* costs from £12 and can be used in place of conditioner.  Simply add a few drops to your hair before washing to use as a deep conditioner, or rub a drop or two into the ends of your hair – Argan Oil is easily absorbed into your hair, and helps to boost shine and condition even if your hair is dry.  It also has hair strengthening properties and assists in detangling.

Packaged in: metal bottle with metal lid

Herbal Hare Conditioner

This jar of conditioner* from Trawden Soap Kitchen is cruelty-free, paraben free, silicone free, and vegan-friendly., it contains no artificial fragrances or colourants.  Prices range from £6 to £11.50, and you can choose between a herbal or citrus scent. Shampoos and an intensive conditioning mask are also available, in the same plastic-free packaging.

Packaged in: glass jar with metal lid.

I’m going to give the Herbal Hare one a go first and will report back on my findings!  In the meantime, I’ve written a couple of guides to plastic-free toiletries.  Check out this plastic-free bathroom post and this post for more inspiration!

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10 Zero-Waste and Plastic-Free Shops on Etsy UK

the zero waste maker zero waste plastic free shops uk

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I might have mentioned before on here that Etsy is one of my favourite places to shop for, well, pretty much anything.  It used to be my go-to place for anything decorative homewares related, but recently Etsy has really upped its game, with a whole host of zero-waste and plastic-free shops popping up too, listing a beautiul array of eco-friendly products.

Whilst Etsy is a global platform, I’ve found 10 UK based zero-waste and plastic-free shops/makers/sellers on Etsy – the majority of them run by female entrepreneurs.   Here are ten of my favourites, selling a diverse range of zero-waste and/or plastic-free products, that you may (or may not) need for plastic-free living:

Zero-Waste and Plastic-Free Shops on Etsy UK

Conscious Fibres

conscious fibres zero waste etsy shop

Conscious Fibres sell a whole host of plastic-free and reusable goods –  from produce bags, multi-purpose cloths, make-up wipes, tote bags, handkerchiefs and handy zero-waste takeout kits, all of which are handmade in the UK.  And once your Conscious Fibres product has reached the end of its lifespan, relax in the knowledge that all of their products are completely compostable, or can be recycled.

Creations by Jennie Lee

plastic-free shops on Etsy

Creations by Jennie Lee specialise in stylish zero-waste cutlery pouches, perfect for popping in your bag for lunches and picnics – helping you to avoid the need to use single-use cutlery.  There are heaps of different designs sure to appeal to every family member – making them perfect for little ones lunch boxes too.


georganics plastic-free shops

Georganics sell a range of natural plastic-free oral care – from toothpaste and mouthwash sold in glass jars, to refillable glass jars of natural dental floss, and bamboo toothbrushes.  There’s pretty much everything you need here for a zero-waste dental routine and a healthy smile.

Lilah Pads

lilahpads zero-waste shop

Lilah Pads sell beautiful handmade washable sanitary towels.  I recently purchased a couple for myself, and I am genuinely surprised at how much more comfortable these are than regular sanitary towels (SO much more comfortable), and how absorbent they are.  I bought two, to begin with, to ease me into the world of reusable sanitary towels, and to see how I got on with them, but I will definitely be purchasing some more soon.

Luna Beauty

zero-waste shops uk

Luna Beauty sells zero-waste, plastic-free, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics that I’ve blogged about here before.  From eyeliner and mascara to blusher and bronzer,  everything is plastic-free.  For extra green points, you can even send your empty tins and bottles back for refill, which earns you a 15% discount on your refill order.

Moonbeam Club

plastic-free moisturiser

Moonbeam Club sells the all-purpose Moonbeam Cream at a purse-friendly £8 –  a natural moisturiser suitable for both your face and body without the need for separate products.  Each batch is handmade using natural ingredients and packaged in glass jars with aluminum lids (no plastic here), although please note the cream contains beeswax so is not suitable for vegans.

Rowen Stillwater

plastic-free teabags shop

Rowen Stillwater only sells vegan zero-waste products, from vegan wax wraps for food, to reusable teabags, plastic-free sponges, and more.  Every items ships plastic-free too, so you can be sure that plastic doesn’t sneakily find it’s way into your home.


soapdaze plastic free shops

Soapdaze sells a lovely range of handmade natural skincare products that are vegan and plastic-free.  From beautifully scented soaps that can be purchased with or without packaging to reusable makeup removal pads, to handknitted facecloths, to lovely oils and cleansing grains, I love everything in this beautiful little shop.

Tabitha Eva

tabitha eve zero waste shops uk

Tabitha Eva sells everything you could need for a zero-waste home.  From reusable nail varnish remover pads, to plastic-free sponges, food wraps, reusable kitchen roll, produce bags and more, if you are looking for something plastic-free Tabitha Eve probably stocks it!

The Zero-Waste Maker

the zero waste maker zero waste plastic free shops uk

Finally, Oktavia, aka The Zero-Waste Maker, collects waste fabrics and fabric scraps from her day job as a costume designer and then turns these scraps into useful items that can help in your journey towards plastic-free living, and keeping her job as costume designer as zero-waste as possible.  Every item in the Zero Waste Maker shop is therefore unique, and in each listing Oktavia tells you where the piece of fabric used came from.   Look out for beautiful produce bags, makeup removal pads, sponges, cloths and more.

Do you have any favourite plastic-free shops on Etsy?  Or elsewhere?

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