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Five Stylish Ethical Shoes

inkkas ethical shoes

Ethical shoes get a bad rap.  A lot of people think of someone who is fond of the environment, and immediately conjure up an image of someone wearing socks and sandals.  Unflattering sandals at that.  But who says ethical shoes have to be frumpy?  I’ve found five gorgeous ethical shoes from five different ethical companies, proving that your feet can be as sustainably stylish as the rest of your wardrobe:


inkkas ethical shoes

How pretty are these Dolomite Low Tops from Inkkas?  Inkkas plant a tree for every pair of shoes they sell, and say they are established on the principles of fair trade, authenticity and social consciousness.  Their shoes are also pretty funky.

El Naturalista

el naturalista ethical shoes


How about some pretty sandals for summer?  This pair from El Naturalista are made as ethically and environmentally friendly as is possible when working with leather, and El Naturalista have even recently expanded their range to include vegan shoes.


ethical shoes po zu


Po Zu specialise in stylish ethical shoes made from vegan materials, chrome free leather and even pineapple.  I have to say that I have had my eye on these vegan friendly Piper V Brown Linen Boots for quite some time now, but just about every pair of their shoes could easily make my wishlist!


veja ethical shoes

I’ve featured Veja a few times on the blog lately, and for good reason – Veja pride themselves on transparency, organic materials and fair trade sourcing.  And not just that – their ethical shoes are lovely.  These vegan canvas trainers would be a great timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Beyond Skin

beyond skin bumble bee ethical shoes

Finally, Beyond Skin specialise in vegan shoes, and if these Bee Shoes aren’t the cutest things you have ever seen then I don’t know what is.

Do you have any ethical shoe brands that you love?  Do share in the comments below!

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Ethical Wellies

ethical welly boots

ethical welly boots

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of ethical wellies lately.  After daily wear all through the winter, walking over 3 miles each day, my old trusty pair of wellies has come a cropper.  They’ve sadly developed an un-mendable hole in the heel that’s letting in water, and even the wonder that is Sugru isn’t even saving them.

My old pair weren’t especially ethical, but I did get A LOT of wear out of them.  Whilst a part of me is tempted to buy a pair from the same shop, a bigger part of me wants a new pair of wellies with ethical credentials.  The trouble is ethical wellies are a bit thin on the ground.

My first thought was Hunters as I know that they’re as Scottish as they come.  Or rather, they were as Scottish as they come.  After a bit of research I found that the company was sold to an American buyer in 2006, who then in 2008 relocated their production of welly boots from Scotland to China.  Since the new owners/new factory more than a fair few people have said the quality of the boots has also declined dramatically, to the point that the boots are developing holes within a year, and Ethical Consumer ranks them rather low in terms of ethics.

I have, however, managed to find a handful of ethical companies (or at the very least EU made), and as I’ve done quite a bit of research for myself, I thought I’d share my finds in case anyone else is in the market for ethical wellies.  I know we’re coming into summer, so hopefully wellies season is behind us for at least a little while.  In Scotland you just never can tell though, and you know what Billy says about wellies!

6 Ethical Wellies

ethical wellies

Clockwise from top left:

Striped Tall Wellies (£40) from FatFace.  Regularly topping the most ethical on the high street surveys, these wellies look quite stylish and are a good price.

Victorine Wellies (£50) from Aigle.  Aigle wellies are handmade in France, and I have to say I am rather in love with this stylish print.

Iceni Wellies (£49) from Gumleaf.  Gumleaf wellies are handmade in Europe (no mention of the exact location) and these look pretty practical and sturdy.

Tall Printed Wellies (£35) from SeaSalt Cornwall.  Seasalt is a Moral Fibres favourite ethical brand, and these boat printed wellies are pretty nice.

Malouine Wellies (£45) from Aigle.  Again from Aigle, this is their most classic design, available in several colours.

Aiglentine Wellies (£95).  Aigle again (turns out I have a lot of love for Aigle).  These beauties are quite pricey, but come in quite a few colour ways, including classic black.

If you’ve found any other ethical wellies out there then do let me know in the comments below!


Top image is this pair (from Aigle again!) which might just be the ones for me!