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bench beside beach
bench beside beach

Hiya!  What’s new with you?  Good week?  Mine flew past, but come Friday I realised I’d spent most of the week indoors.  To rectify this we nipped over to Fife and spent yesterday at the beach – cups of tea in hand and wrapped up like polar explorers, mind – but feeling better for fresh October air, exercise and a bit of sunshine.  Getting outdoors is always my answer to most of life’s problems. 

This week’s links:

1. The big news this week is that the EU has approved a ban on single-use plastics.  The UK will have to incorporate the rules into national law if the ban becomes a fully-fledged directive before the end of a Brexit transition period, so here’s hoping they can move faster than we can with Brexit.

2.  18 earthquakes have been recorded since fracking began 12 days ago in Lancashire.  

3.  A really great piece of journalism, investigating a note found inside a Walmart purse, implying forced Chinese labour.  As the article is American, the article doesn’t mention that Walmart is the company that owns Asda.  Just so you know.    

4.  Why you might want to avoid Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Burton, Wallis and other high street stores owned by the Arcadia group.  

5.  This 15 year old is my new hero.  Maybe she’s yours too?

Some people say that we should study to become climate scientists so that we can “solve the climate crisis”. But the climate crisis has already been solved. We already have all the facts and solutions. All we need to do is to wake up and change“.

6.  10 ways to accelerate progress against climate change.

7.  David Byrne is one of my favourite musicians (this is one of my very favourite songs).  So his latest venture – the Reasons to Be Cheerful website – a collection of good news was sure to be a good one.   Here you can find good news related to a variety of topics – including climate change.

8.  In related news, here’s a summary of what went right between July and September.

9.  Hallowe’en’s a coming!  This year we’re being urged not to throw out our pumpkins in a bid to prevent ghoulish food waste.  

10.  Finally, I am running a great giveaway over on Instagram.  Hop on over and take part – entries close tomorrow (Monday!).  Good luck! 


ps: don’t forget the clocks went back! 

weekend links

Ten Things

edinburgh botanic gardens

Hello!  How’s it going?  It’s been school holidays here, so I’ve had time off work and have spent it hanging out with my kids.  We’ve never been the type to jet off anywhere fancy in the October holidays and this October holiday was no exception.  Instead, we stayed at home and went exploring.  On Thursday we hit up the Hallowe’en trail and the Glasshouses at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.  Always a joy!  

This week’s links:

1. Fracking started in Lancashire on Monday, and by Friday four minor earthquakes were detected in the area.

2.  Don’t despair: the climate fight is only over if you think it is.

The histories of change that have made me hopeful are often about small groups that seem at the outset unrealistic in their ambition. Whether they were taking on slavery in antebellum USA or human rights in the Soviet bloc, these movements grew exponentially and changed consciousness and then toppled institutions or regimes“.

3.  How advertising for cleaning products is fuelling ecological collapse.  

4.  Relatedly, something that came up on Instagram this week was that many people aren’t aware that Ecover and Method were, last year, bought over by SC Johnson, the same people that make the non eco-friendly Mr Muscle, Toilet Duck and Pledge.  Raising it again here in case you missed the news too.  Handily, I have an alternative!

5.  Do we need an IPCC special report for humans?

[I] wonder whether the time is right to produce a special report for humans. One that better illustrates what a transition to a zero carbon economy really means for the day-to-day lives of humans, of all of us.  A special report that is less spreadsheet and jargon, more family and hugs“.

6.  Brazil’s election on 28th October is a lot more pertinent to us all than you would ever think.

7.  It’s far too early to discuss the C word, but Selfridges will this year sell Iceland’s own brand mince pies, and they are proud.  Why?  Iceland’s mince pies are palm oil free.  Something to make a mental note of for later on in the year…!

8.  Why it’s always important to look into who funded a particular study.  All the eye rolls right now.  

9.  Thailand is to follow China and Malaysia in banning imports of plastic waste.  

10.  Finally, decorating for Hallowe’en?  Try these no-carve, no-waste pumpkin decorations.

Enjoy your Sunday!