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Six Delicious Vegan Cakes

vegan cakes

Looking for some delicious vegan cake ideas? I’ve got six delicious vegan cakes that you can make right here.

I’ve been vegetarian for many years now, but recently have found myself thinking about veganism.  I’m making small steps, and have switched to dairy-free milk. After extensive dairy-free milk testing, I’ve decided oat milk is the way to go. I’m now trying to look at other parts of my diet.

The main problem is that one of the biggest loves in my life is cake.  Any kind of cake.  And so the idea of life without cake is pretty unsettling, to say the least.  Then I came across a slew of amazing vegan blogs and now my eyes have been opened to a world of delicious looking vegan cakes:

6 Delicious Vegan Cakes

Ashlae Warner cheesecake

This no-bake Fig ‘Cheesecake’ from the beautiful vegan bakery blog Oh, Ladycakes looks just amazing.  Ashlae is a vegan baking wizard and all of her vegan cake creations look equally incredible.

vegan salted caramel torte

This vegan chocolate hazelnut torte with salted caramel from another excellent vegan food blog, The First Mess, looks incredibly decadent.

vegan blueberry almond cake

This blueberry, lemon, and almond cake from Green Kitchen Stories can easily be made using dairy-free ingredients and looks simple but so-so tasty.

chocolate stout cake

This vegan chocolate stout cake with whisky ganache, again from Oh, Ladycakes (I told you Ashlae has all the skills!) combines all of the good things in life – chocolate, stout, and whisky.  Where can you go wrong with that combination?!

vegan peanut butter cake

This peanut butter cake from Have Cake Will Travel sounds like heaven on a plate.  I’m a sucker for anything salty and sweet, such as peanut and chocolate.  This looks like all of my vegan cake dreams on a plate!

vegan brownies

And finally, these vegan brownies from Oh She Glows look incredibly moist, gooey, and delicious, just like all brownies should be!

I don’t know about you, but after looking at these delicious-looking vegan cakes the idea of veganism sounds much more appealing knowing that I can have my cake and eat it. You saw that coming, didn’t you?!  I just couldn’t help myself…!

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Stylish Vegan Bags For Every Occasion

vegan bag
vegan bag

Interested in vegan bags? Let me show you some beautiful vegan bags out there.

In my piece on is leather eco-friendly, I touched on many issues as to why leather isn’t great for the environment. From toxic heavy metal chemicals used in the tanning process to large-scale deforestation, increased methane levels, and animal cruelty issues.

This implies that leather alternatives are eco-friendly, but in the same article I touched on the issues with PVC and PU leather alternatives. These fossil-fuel-based products aren’t friendly to the environment or to the workers.

As such, I have been looking out for greener bags.

Skunkfunk’s Vegan Bags

I feel like I hit the jackpot with Skunkfunk.  They have a range of beautiful bags, available in the UK.  And not only are Skunkfunk bags vegan, but Skunkfunk is big on sustainability too:

vegan bags

From clockwise:

Skunkfunk tote bag (£39)

Skunkfunk handbag (£55) (be still my beating heart!

Satchel bag (£37)

Crossbody bag (£65)

You get free returns and delivery, and what’s more, if you sign up for the newsletter you get £10 off when you first spend £50.  That makes that pretty handbag £45…  Hmm…!

Matt & Nat Bag’s

I came across a brand called Matt & Nat.  Their vegan bags are a bit pricier but very stylish and classically timeless, and they are trying to be more sustainable in their operations too:

vegan bag uk

From clockwise:

Grey Tote Bag (£95)

Brown Tote Bag (£95)

Brown Tote Bag (£85)

Green Shoulder Bag (£70)

It’s been quite a tough job tracking down vegan-friendly bags that are also a bit greener in their production.  If you come across any do let me know, as I plan to update this post as I find more bags that fit the bill.

Do also check out my guide to ethical vegan shoes.