weekend links

weekend links

Weekend Photos and Links – 24th May 2014

Hello everyone!  We were officially pox free on Monday and it feels so good for my little one to be back to her old self, and for us to get back to normal.  Cabin fever had officially set in so we’ve really been making the most of being able to get outside and see people!  Here is a little about my week in photos:

allotment plot

Ogling allotments!

sycamore seeds

Sycamore seeds always remind of childhood – throwing them up in the air and watching them twirl around like little helicopters.  I’m introducing this simple pleasure to my daughter – we always get shouts for “more!”.

calendula flowers

Last year we sowed lots of wildflowers in our garden for the bees.  We thought the flowers would die off over winter, but as it was so mild they began to flower in March, and are now the calendula (and others that I’m not sure of their names) are almost in full bloom!  Needless to say, the bees love it!

swan on land

A swan came out to say hello to us on our walk!  My daughter calls swans “mingos” (I think she’s getting confused with flamingos!).

vegetarian living magazine

magazine for vegetarians

It was also a very proud week for me – Moral Fibres got its very first national press mention!   The very brilliant Vegetarian Living magazine ran an interview with me all about Moral Fibres in their June issue!  It was such a strange moment standing in the newsagent seeing my face beaming back at me!  You can find this issue (47) in all good newsagents.

I read some good stuff this week worth sharing:

The world had a huge holy moly moment last week when we reached the point of no return in West Antarctica.  It made for quite scary reading, but shows us the time to act really is now, and I’m a firm believer that every little action we do helps.

I found Westy’s post on her starting points for going plastic-free for a month really interesting and useful reading.

Wrapped In Newspaper’s recipe for sesame seed milk looks right up my street!  We switched to dairy-free milk last year.  After a wide-ranging trial last year of all different kinds of dairy-free milk substitutes (oat, soya, rice, and coconut milk) we found Alpro’s unsweetened almond milk to be the best (and it doesn’t curdle in coffee!), but I’m keen to make some myself!

These gluten-free flourless chocolate salted dark chocolate cookies look and sound amazing.

I loved this post on what I’m trying to teach my kids.

What causes the rain smell?

From the Moral Fibres archives: this point on the most ethical supermarkets has been getting lots of visitors this week (as an update to that post: I found that Real Foods sells tinned food in bulk at quite reasonable prices, and they offer free delivery, but our house/kitchen is too small to store bulk tinned purchases, so we’re back to square one!) / ethical men’s underwear has also been popular this week! / as has this post on eco-friendly disposable nappies.  It’s been a varied old week!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and your bank holiday weekend if you get one (sadly we don’t get one in Scotland!).

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weekend links

Weekend Photos and Links – 17th May 2014

grow your own blog
grow your own blog

What a week we’ve had – my daughter came down with chickenpox.  The poor thing has been suffering with it, although not as badly as some.  Itchy spots and a slight fever – nothing that lots and lots of cuddles can’t fix.  Consequently, we’ve been house-bound all of this week, so my photos are a bit home-based while we sit out her quarantine:

growing your own vegetables

Our seeds are a sprouting!  We’ve got courgettes, beans, and patty pans growing, and we’re trying out cucamelons this year for the first time.  Apparently, they’re like little limey cucumbers.  I’m very intrigued!  They’re planted in peat-free compost, and recycled containers to help make our garden as green as possible! The cucamelons are taking their own sweet time to grow, but everything else has shot up.

lemonbalm tea

Making lemon balm tea, made from the lemon balm plant in our garden.  For years I had no idea that lemon balm was edible – now I’m kicking myself for all of the cups of tea I’ve missed out on over the years from our gigantic plant!  To make caffeine-free lemon balm tea, just pick a few lemon balm leaves, give them a wash, tear them up into small pieces, and infuse with boiling water for about 10 minutes.  It’s got a nice subtle herbal lemon taste to it.

edible lemonbalm

More lemon balm!  I’m officially obsessed!

green people toothpaste peppermint and aloe vera

Trying out a new natural toothpaste.  I’m on a mission to find the best one ever – will share my findings once I’ve found it!  This Green People one* is pretty decent.

plan city wooden vehicles

Distracting my daughter from the dreaded itching with her wooden vehicles from her birthday.  The steam roller is my favourite!

On to the links.  I’ve actually not managed to read much this week but the things I did read were pretty good.  Definitely worth sharing:

I always thought fonts were simply an aesthetic choice, but this week I was proved wrong when I found out that fonts can be eco-friendly (and aesthetic at the same time).

I’ve read the blog Peonies and Polaroids for years.  As well as being an amazing photographer, Cara is also a fantastic writer.  One of the best around.  This post on her amateur gardening (and more) proves to be no exception.

I found this article interesting – why green milk bottle tops aren’t actually green.

Also, my internet friend Mel did a little interview with me on her blog – I’m talking about ethical fashion and buying secondhand if you want to have a look.

From the Moral Fibres archives:  gardening tips for renters; a beautiful house tour; and ethical alternatives to using Amazon.

And that’s it for this week – have a great weekend folks!  Up to anything fun?  We’re more than likely going to be sitting out the pox, and planning to do all the things next week when we can finally leave the house!

* denotes an affiliate link – please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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