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Outfit of The Day (Ethical Edition)

Want a peek into my ethical wardrobe?  Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been wearing lately, with this outfit of the day.

Trying to take photos at this time of year is always a challenge.  Day length and available light don’t really work well with indoor photography.  However, like most things in life, I gave it a good go.  They’re a bit grainy, but hopefully, you’ll get the gist of some of the ethical things I’ve worn lately:

My Ethical Outfit of The Day

Here are the ethical items I’ve worn lately that I have loved

White T-Shirt Co & MATTER Prints

matter-prints ethical clothing

Top – White T-Shirt Co / Shorts – c/o MATTER Prints

The White T-Shirt Co has been on my radar for some time now, as part of my guide to ethical clothing, but I’ve only recently purchased from them.  I was in need of a good basic navy top, and I think because of the name I’d never thought to check their website for navy tops.  A bit of searching for an ethical navy top led me to their site, and this top fitted the bill perfectly.  PS: there’s 10% off and free delivery right now.

I’m not normally a shorts kind of lady.  However, I was quite drawn to this pair by MATTER Prints.  They feel a bit smarter than standard shorts, and the fabric is nice and heavy.  I’ve never worn shorts with tights/leggings before, so I wasn’t too sure if I could pull it off.  My partner is the first to tell me if he doesn’t like something I wear, and actually, he was quite complimentary about these shorts. So that is saying something!  I think they are going to be a wardrobe staple for me on casual days.  They are so easy to wear.

Secondhand & Finisterre


Dress – eBay / Cardigan – c/o Finisterre*

I’ve kind of gone off eBay lately.  People seem to be listing things for silly amounts of money, and postage is sky-high.  And if you’re selling eBay fees seem higher, and they even take a 10% cut of your postage fee.  That being said, in the summer I was looking for a dress to wear to a friend’s wedding.  I’d looked in a few ethical shops online, and couldn’t find anything that I really liked and on budget.  In the end, I tried eBay.  Within seconds I stumbled across this secondhand beauty, which I immediately snapped up for something like £15.

The Thrill of Secondhand

Now, this dress has a bit of a backstory.  I remember seeing it in Hobbs a good few years ago now for something like £140.  I really wanted it at the time.  However I’d never spent that much money on an item of clothing before, and ultimately decided I couldn’t justify it, so decided to let it pass.  I periodically checked on eBay specifically for this dress over the next year but never found it, so it was quite a surprise to see it pop up without looking specifically for it.   Slow fashion at its best!!

I’ve been wearing it without the cardigan for Christmas parties, and with a cardigan for work, as my work can get pretty chilly.  This wool cardigan by Finisterre is THE warmest.  I’ve barely taken it off, and pop it on as soon as I get home if I haven’t been wearing it whilst out.  Our house is old and cold, and it’s been keeping me cosy without having to resort to putting the heating on.

It’s the shortest day tomorrow, and gosh I am looking forward to the increasing day lengths!  I read somewhere that the Scottish Gaelic word for December literally translates as The Blackness, which feels about right.

Where are your favourite places to shop for ethical clothing? 

ps: more ethical clothing inspiration this way.

Ethical Fashion, Life & Style

Ethical Outfit of the Day

I thought I’d share another ethical outfit of the day / What I Wore post as the novelty of being able to wear regular clothes still hasn’t worn off 3 months in!  I’m hoping with a bit of practice I’ll be a bit less awkward in front of the camera too – I have to say I’m definitely much happier behind the camera!

My Ethical Outfit of the Day

people tree parka outfit of the day

Pistill Dress c/o Gudrun Sjödén /  Annie Casual Parka c/o People Tree*

What do you think of my outfit of the day?  What I will say is that this Pistill Dress from Gudrun Sjödén is a new favourite – super soft and really easy to wear.  Unusually for a dress, it doesn’t even need ironing before wearing, which is always something I value highly!  Nothing I hate more than ironing.  Just pop it on and out I go, which these days is a blessing.  I love the mixed patterns of the dress too – it gives it a bit of cheekiness!

The Annie Parka from People Tree was something I received during my pregnancy, but I found that wearing a parka whilst pregnant was not the most flattering, shall I say.  Thankfully, with my body almost back to relative normality, the parka is actually very flattering and pretty much perfect for spring.  Light and providing just enough protection from April showers, it’s my go-to jacket at the moment.  To be honest, with the great Scottish track record of weather, I’ll probably be wearing it all the way through from now until Autumn!

Ethical Fashion Reads

I’ve got some interesting ethical fashion articles for you, while I’m here:

Firstly, in case you missed it, this post from Ethical Consumer magazine on Are Any High Street Shops Ethical?

This post on Can We Afford To Shop Ethically? made for a solid read.

The Child Labour Experiment – the title says it all really.

Am I A Fool To Expect More Than Corporate Greenwashing from Lucy Siegle is an interesting read about H&M.

And finally, Fashion Revolution Week runs from 18th to 24th April.  Don’t forget to ask retailers #whomademyclothes.