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Hello!  How’s your Wednesday going?  For fun, I fancy doing something a bit different today: I thought we could have a chat!

Sometimes when you write a blog it can feel like you are just talking to your computer.  You can forget there are actual people like yourselves out there reading and following along.  I couldn’t help but think the other day that it would be really nice to open things up and have a chat, and encourage you to chat amongst each other too.

I’m curious to know what green achievements of yours are you most proud of?  Have you grown your own food?  Started cycling to work?  Became a full time vegan or vegetarian?  Something else?  I’m all ears!  We really should be shouting more about the things we do, and sharing it in the comments might inspire someone else to give it a go!

I’m also curious to know what green things maybe aren’t going so well for you, and that maybe you need help with, or you’ve had to concede isn’t for you?  Maybe I can help or a Moral Fibres reader can help?

To start the conversation, for me, in terms of what I’m proud of, well, our allotment is doing great this year.  Really great.  We have loads of apples, tomatoes, plums, and peas about to ripen.  We’ve had a bumper crop of rhubarb.  I don’t get over there as much as I’d like but once the girls are a little older I hope to be able to help out a lot more, but it’s so exciting to see everything coming along.

In terms of things that aren’t going so well, I’m sure I have mentioned before that the thing I really really REALLY struggle with is giving up cheese.  I’ve found a vegan milk substitute that doesn’t curdle, but cheese is a whole other ballgame.  Especially halloumi and mozzarella.  I do love a bit of pizza (we have pizza night every Friday), and having tried homemade vegan pizza it just wasn’t the same.  I’ve cut down my dairy intake (I have red pepper hummous sandwiches packed for my lunch today!) and I feel disappointed that I can’t kick the cheese habit.  I’ve tried vegan cheese (or Gary as it was called a little while ago) and just felt disappointed.  Any tips?


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