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Hello!  Good week?  I’m still on a high because this week my partner and I had a rare night out together.  Dinner, a comedy show and a live band.  It was perfect.  One of the things no-one warns you about becoming a parent is that you’ll spend more time socialising with other people, whilst the other parent stays at home to watch the kids.  It’s good to actually spend time out together, without the kids, to remind you why you like each other!

Anyway, that has been my week, how was yours?

And here are this week’s links:

1.  France gets it right again.  Can the rest of the world take note please.  Meanwhile Germany bans diesel.

2.  Can we recycle our way to zero waste?  A thought provoking read.

3.  This is such a lovely article – can one person make a difference?

4.  Like makeup?  Bad news then as beloved brand Nars is no longer cruelty free.

5.  I’ve been enjoying Russell Brand’s podcasts lately.  Yanis Varoufakis and George Monbiot were particularly interesting.

6.  Extreme botany (see top photo).  This was the most fascinating read into a  world I had no idea existed.  My career adviser at school certainly didn’t tell me about this!  I don’t know if I would have the guts to hang from a cliff or jump from a helicopter to take samples of near extinct plants., but a job where you are a proverbial James Bond of the plant world sounds incredible, and important.

7.  The women bringing solar empowerment to Nepal.

8.  Before the internet.  I loved this so much.

9.  The problem with life.  Yes!

10.  After the mint tea article I posted, one reader said she normally makes wine from her mint.  I was intrigued, so I have found a recipe for mint wine if anyone wants to give it a go?  If that’s too much hard work, I’ve found a recipe for mint citrus white wine sangria that’s much easier and quicker to concoct!

And some posts you might have missed:

The perfect tiny house.

A small house hack.

Zero waste crisps – made with potato peelings.

The chaos has commenced, and it’s school holidays here now, so I am taking a short break to do fun things with my kids.  Think beaches, sandcastles and ice-cream – weather permitting.  There will be no Ten Things next week, but come back in two weeks time for a return to regular posting!

Have a good one!


PS: In case you missed it, do catch up on the 25th June Ten Things post to stay up to date on all your environmental news.

main image c/o Steve Perlman

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