Hello hello!  I took an unexpected two week break from Ten Things to do summer things with my kids.  They are only little once, and I didn’t want to spent the summer with the computer on my lap, so I put it down.  Instead we have done things like hang out on Millport (above) and visited the Glasgow Science Centre (both highly recommended if you are anywhere near the west coast of Scotland).

We’ve also hung out in various soft play centres (not so highly recommended!) on wet days, and played in parks on sunny days, and we have even bought a secondhand tag-along so we can do some family cycling over the rest of the summer.  We haven’t tried it out yet, but I’ll let you know how we get on!

And right now we are counting down the days until the Edinburgh Festival comes to town so we can catch some shows!  If you have any recommendations let me know!

Ok, on to the links!

1.  Firstly, there has been a lot of bad news in the press lately.  A lot.  If, like me, you’re a little fatigued from reading tomes of doom and gloom then try this – why 2017 may be the best year ever.

2.  Marie Claire launched their first ever sustainability issue.  Maybe, just maybe, this might just be the start of ethical fashion becoming more mainstream.

3.  US style mega farms have reached the UK, and they aren’t pleasant.

4.  Why food has fairtrade labels but clothing doesn’t.

5.  The strongest case against single use plastic I’ve seen – and one of those moments that makes you realise there is no “away” when you throw something away.  Just someplace else.  Like this island.

6.  “Why I think ethical fashion is a privileged white girl thing“.  An interesting read.

7.  Me, pretty much every time I catch any political news.

8.  Dirt is good?  Where do you sit on this?  I’m very much of the opinion that not all bacteria is bad bacteria, and that kids need exposure to bacteria to build up their immune systems.  But licking a dummy that’s fallen on the ground?  I’m not so sure…!

9.  Got leftovers from Sunday lunch?  Here are 30 vegan recipes for leftovers.  I’m hankering after number 12.

10.  And finally, I’m really lucky and don’t have this problem, but if you do then here are 3 things to remember if you’re eco friendly and your spouse isn’t.

And from the Moral Fibres archives that you might have missed:

1.  Want to eat organic but money is tight?  Here are the organic foods that you don’t need to buy (and those that are worth buying).

2.  How to dry clean at home.

3.  Eco clothes labels, explained.

Have a good weekend!  In a slightly more unusual sign off, I’m off to an eighties fancy dress party with a bunch of old friends.  I’m dressing up as Kevin from Dexy’s Midnight Runners!  Oh yes!  Hope you have a good one, whatever you end up doing!


PS: In case you missed it, do catch up on the 2nd July Ten Things post to stay up to date.

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