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Hello hello!  Good week?  Good weekend?  We are planning to spent some quality time on our allotment today.  Aldi have a load of cheap fruit canes at the moment – £1.79 – so we are going to buy a few raspberry and gooseberry canes to plant now for fruiting next year.   We’ve found plants like this grow really really well on our allotment, and are naturally slug proof, so we always get a high yield for very little effort.  That’s my favourite kind of gardening!

I also loved all of your responses to this post and I am planning to sit down today with a cup of tea to go through them all!  All your green efforts make me so proud!

Here are this week’s links:

1. Some food for thought – should we stop keeping pets?  We have a parrot (she’s 13 this year and came with my partner when we got together – a step pet if you will!  We love her but I certainly wouldn’t encourage anyone to get one for the reasons in the article) and some fish but I don’t think we’d have any more pets.  Well, apart from chickens if we ever have the garden space!

2.  Old news which is new to me – in case you missed it at the time too then this woman is straight up amazing.

3.  Huffington Post have launched a new sustainable living site.

4.  Is Game of Thrones secretly all about climate change?

5.  It turns out you can built bike lanes from just about anything.

6.  My Twitter friend Anna has put together a great Kindle e-Book on 101 ways to reduce your food waste*.

7.  The winning photos from the National Geographic photo of the year competition are amazing.

8.  This starfish is completely and utterly mesmerising.

9. The darker side of melting glaciers.  I found this oddly fascinating.

10.  And finally, what would happen if everyone in America ate beans instead of beef?  Spoiler, all good things.

And three posts from the Moral Fibres archive you might have missed:

1. How to make pickled cucumber with fennel.  So good in every way!

2. Uses for coconut oil.  A substitute for WD40 you say?

3. A handy guide to what’s in season in August.

Enjoy your Sunday!


PS: In case you missed it, do catch up with the 30th July Ten Things post.

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