family camping

Hello!  How was your week?  We are planning on going on our first family camping trip soon, so are on preparation mode at the moment, making lists of things we need to borrow or buy.  My partner and I camped a lot before having kids, but suddenly camping with kids seems like a whole new ball game.  Send me your tips if you and your family are seasoned campers!  We’re not going far for our first trip – just locally – but the idea of getting our kids to sleep in an unfamiliar environment is still daunting!

This week’s links for you!

1. First up, my favourite read of the week – the dustbin man who rescued over 20,000 books over 20 years to create a free community library.  I love this so much, but I couldn’t help but think who throws books away?!

2. Excitingly, IKEA has started selling solar panels.

3. Costa Rica aims to be the first country to ban all single use plastics.  Go Costa Rica!

4. Do we need a new environmental vocabulary?

5. How to source what you need when you’re buying nothing new.

6. A great read on why we fell for clean eating.

7. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Lush, but then I read that Lush is helping its workers leave Brexit Britain and keep their jobs and they have seriously gone up in my estimation.

8.  The real hero is Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel” isn’t Al Gore – “If the world is going to solve climate change in this political environment, it’s going to be on the backs of a huge collective of activists — not a 69-year-old self-described recovering politician“.

9.  Why bees build hexagons.  Fascinating.

10.  The best thing I’ve watched all week.  I adore this.

And three posts from the Moral Fibres archives you might have missed:

1, I read somewhere that edible flowers are a trend now thanks to Instagram.  Here’s how to get in on the edible flower action.

2. It’s peak jam and preserving season.  Here’s a guide on how to sterilise jars if you’re new to it all.

3.  I rely on soda crystals to clean my home.  Here’s a a handy guide to soda crystals uses.

Enjoy your weekend!


PS, In case you missed it, do catch up with the 6th August Ten Things post.

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