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Hiya!  It’s been a quiet week – I’ve had writer’s block and words and ideas haven’t been flowing easily.  Rather than trying to force things, I’ve instead caught up on the odd jobs around my home that often get pushed to the side when I am in full writing/photographing flow.  If anyone has any tips for overcoming writer’s block or if there is something you want me to write about on the blog then let me know!  I feel like I am need of some good inspiration!

Whilst I haven’t been writing, I have been reading!  Here are 10 good articles from this week that you might find interesting too:

1.  Here’s why Hurricane Harvey is exactly the time to talk about climate change.

2. 10 things you can do right now to shop more sustainably.

3.  What do bakers trapped by flooding do?  Bake for people affected by the flooding.

4. #greenpixiepotus

5. The businesses curbing plastics waste.

6.  The Mirror covered the zero waste shop in Totnes positively, and I can’t help but hope it’s the start of a sea-change on how the mainstream media cover people trying to do good, environment wise.

7.  Want to travel the world with Weleda?  Right this way, my friend.  I have my fingers crossed for you!

8.  A cheat sheet to living plastic free.

9. The world’s toughest plastic bag ban – four years in prison or a $41,000 fine!  This sounds like a harsh but great deterrent to our littering problem!

10.  So much love for this tiny house.  Sometimes I dream of tiny house living, but then I realise I like my things too much!

And three things from the Moral Fibres archives you might have missed:

What to do with leftover bread.

A guide to ethical maternity clothes.

Come on elderberry season – I’m waiting on you!

Have a relaxing Sunday!


PS: In case you missed it, do catch up with the 27th August Ten Things post.

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