four leaf clover

Hey!   What a week it’s been here!  We’ve had accidents (notice the pluralisation there) (the youngest), we’ve had illness (the eldest), we’ve had emergency dental surgery (me), internet abuse (me).  Pretty much the works.  It was my birthday this week, but I feel like instead of gaining a year I’ve gained 10 instead, and I’m pretty sure my grey hair count has doubled this week alone!  So if you have emailed me and haven’t had a response yet then this is why!  Life!

One positive was that the nice people at sent me some lovely Elephant Gin to try out.  I cracked it open on my birthday and enjoyed a couple of glasses.  As well as being really tasty, 15% of all profits go to foundations fighting the illegal ivory trade.  Gin with a conscience!  If you like gin then this is definitely one to try with lots of ice and a slice of lime.  Very smooth, it goes down well, and I found it especially tasty at the end of a hard week!

elephant gin

On to the links:

1.  On board with this climate change campaign 100% – “solving climate change starts with the belief that we can”.

2.  How cycling could save the NHS.

3.  It’s a good week to be vegan.  Baileys have announced they are making a vegan Baileys!  And Pizza Hut are trialling vegan cheese.  And some clever people have come up with vegan hard boiled eggs.  This is all on top of the news that Ben & Jerry’s are making a vegan ice cream.

4.  This Daily Mash post on mooncups cracked me up.

5.  This has to be the saddest seahorse you’ve ever seen.

6.  There are climate change support groups in America.

7.  “Why are you littering?”.  This made me laugh so hard.

8.  This is an interesting concept – get free access to gigs when you hand in a broken electrical item.

9.  This 8 year old girl is the future.  Her mum is pretty awesome too.

10.  The clean eaters favourite, the cold pressed juice, hides a dirty secret.

Finally, three things from the Moral Fibres archive:

1. Is it getting hot in here?

2. It’s blackberry season!  (Someday I’ll find the time to update these old photos to something better!)

3. It’s also elderberry season!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and if you happen to stumble upon a four leaf clover then be sure to send it my way!


PS: In case you missed it, do catch up with 17th September’s Ten Things post.

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