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Hello hello!  Good week?  Fresh Clean Home came out on Thursday and I have been overwhelmed by the support and kind words from all of you lovely lot.  A million thank-yous from the bottom of my heart!  To celebrate its launch I am giving away a copy over on Instagram – the competition closes on Thursday.  I have to say it has felt very un-real seeing it pop up in other people’s homes – I don’t know if the novelty will ever wear off!

This week’s links!

1.  “To change the world you have to throw a better party than the people destroying it“.  I love love love this quote (and truth be told I am intrigued by the beer too!).  Are you up for the challenge?  Yes?  Let’s get partying then! ;)

2. “The Blue Planet effect is sweeping across Westminster and it’s time for the fashion industry to take a grip of this movement” – you know things have gone mainstream when even Vogue magazine is talking about why microfibres are the new microbeads and why the fashion industry needs to take action.

3.  My mind is constantly boggled by the amazing things people can do.  Take this case in point – scientists in India have been able to transform polluted air into ink for artists.

4.  This made for an interesting read – why people conveniently ‘forget’ that child labour made their jeans.

5.  In unsurprising news, it was reported that in just four days, top fashion CEOs earn a garment worker’s lifetime pay.

6.  A zero waste kit that costs zero dollars – sometimes the zero waste movement feels a little elitist – this proves it doesn’t have to be.

7.  I love this list of 5 simple things you can do to be more ethical in 2018.

8. On both my wishlist and my daughter’s wishlist*.

9.  Food for thought this Sunday – why aren’t organic carrots just called carrots?

10.  Finally, if you know (or are) a secondary school aged Young Green Briton then head this way.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  I took my daughter to see Coco yesterday and it was just perfect, even if I did have something in my eye through some of it…!


PS: In case you missed it, you can catch up on the 28th January Ten Things post.

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