Hello!  Good week?  I personally was more than a little disappointed this week at the Government’s decision to reject the 25p ‘latte levy’.  The Government have said that consumers respond better to discounts than tax, yet the 5p plastic bag charge has resulted in an 85% drop in plastic bag usage since the charge was introduced.  All in all, it’s a poor response to the massive coffee cup problem.  One to keep battling, friends!

Whilst we fight the good fight, there are a few cafes abound that will give you a discount if you bring your own cup.  What I’ve found is that Pret a Manger offers a 50p discount if you bring your own cup – meaning you can get a cup of filter coffee for just 49p.  Costa Coffee and Starbucks offer a 25p discount, and Greggs offers you a 20p discount.

On to this week’s links:

1.  Why ethical fashion brands need to ditch the guilt.

2.  Recycling rates are probably exaggerated, by up to as much as a third.

3.  Hey, let’s just reduce emissions rather than relying on ever more increasingly crazy schemes.

4.  Would you drink ‘kind milk‘?

5.  Sali Hughes speaks the truth.  Nobody really cares how many times you wear that dress.  One to remind yourself in wedding season.

6.  Seed saving for the win.

7.  Climate change may mean many things, but apparently, we don’t need to worry about chocolate going extinct.  Collective sighs of relief all round.

8.  I want this for me*, ahem, my kids.

9.  Something I have oft-pondered – is shopping online more eco-friendly than shopping locally?

10.  Finally, is that gum on your shoe?  It may be an unwanted plastic, but it turns out there are many surprising uses for chewed gum.

Have a lovely Sunday!


PS: catch up on 4th March’s post here, in case you missed it.

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