bee keeping

Hello hello!

Nice week?  I’ll get straight to it – there has been a lot of good environmental news this week.  High fives all round people!

1.  Tesco is to remove the best before dates from fruit and vegetables in a bid to cut consumer food waste.

2.  Ikea and India are both to eliminate single-use plastic by 2020 and 2022 respectively.

3.  Even the Pope is putting pressure on oil companies.

4.  Let’s all move to Estonia.  I hope this works because it sounds amazing.

5.  An endangered mountain gorilla population has increased in size by 25%.  Proof that conservation measures do work!

Also from around the internet:

6.  The problem with the term “ethical fashion”.

7.  A fascinating read into the future of food, and the scientists battling climate change, water scarcity, and population growth to find new ways to feed the future

8.  On sharing food with strangers.

9.  The sea is feeding human garbage back to us.  Yum.

10.  Finally, bee saving paper (or you could just make bees a simple energy saving drink).

Have a lovely Sunday!


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