beach in scotland

Hello!  Good week?  I’ve had a busy week at work, so yesterday we packed up and headed to the nicest beach nearest our house.  One of the things that I’ve learned in my 6.5 years of being a parent is that kids don’t need much, and especially not expensive toys, to have fun.  Instead, just add sand and water and a picnic lunch (and a flask of tea for grownups) and you can while away hours and hours.  Even on a beach in Scotland on an overcast day!

This week’s ten things:

1.  If you have seen any news this week related to the environment, then you won’t have missed the vast swathes of doom and gloom articles.  I’m not going to share them here, because I feel they only lead to feelings of apathy, so I found this article on Terrified by Hothouse Earth – Don’t Despair, Do Something a really useful, practical and refreshing read.

2.  Monsanto, makers of bee-harming pesticides, have faced a huge blow after being ordered to pay $289 million as the jury ruled that Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller directly caused a terminally ill man’s cancer, the first case of it’s kind.  Cancer survivors or relatives of the deceased can now also bring similar claims forward, meaning we could see many more of these cases being raised against Monsanto.

3.  Adidas is to use only recycled plastic in its products and in its offices, retail outlets, warehouses and distribution centres by 2024.  Expect more brands to follow suit shortly, especially their competitors as more and more brands realise that sustainability sells.

4.  With so many articles in the media deriding millennials for this, that and the other, it was refreshing to read a positive story for once – notably, that young people are convincing politicians to stop taking fossil fuel money.

5.  And another positive millennial story in the same week – “all change as millennial parents turn to cloth nappies“.  You go, millennials!

6.  Ever tried to buy a cucumber not wrapped in plastic and found it nigh on impossible?  Good news then – Morrisons is now selling ‘naked’ cucumbers without the plastic wrapper!

7.  One of the best things I’ve read about zero-waste in a long time.

8.  Because we can’t train humans to pick up litter, we’ve had to train crows to do it for us.  Sad times.

9.  Useful strategies for wasting less food.

10.  Finally, David Attenborough’s predictions, made in 2007, are uncannily accurate today.

Have a lovely Sunday!


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