ten things moral fibres link roundup

Hello!  This week went fast, right?  I’ve been doing a lot of cycling, and it’s been wonderful.  I don’t get to cycle as much as I used to, so I savour each and every moment when I’m out on my bike.  I even borrowed an electric bike this week, which was beyond amazing.  If you haven’t yet experienced the pure joy that is an electric bike, then I shall write about my experience soon.

1.  We won’t save the Earth with a better kind of disposable coffee cup.  George Monbiot, telling us like it is.

2.  There is something even worse than plastic straws when it comes to ocean waste.  It’s not plastic bags.

3.  In case you need any further proof that charity shops are the best places to shop, ever, then here you go.  You are most welcome!

4.  Nice ad: shame about the planet – should the advertising industry stop advertising climate change causing products?

But if we’re looking for advertising that does wide-ranging damage, aren’t we missing the biggest offenders of all – the products that contribute to climate change?  If, as it brutally states on the front of a fag packet, SMOKING KILLS, then surely OIL KILLS, FAST FASHION KILLS, MEAT KILLS, SINGLE-USE PLASTIC KILLS, MINERAL WATER KILLS, IMPORTED AVOCADOS KILL, DRIVING KILLS and FLYING KILLS?

5.  The BBC is trying to get better at reporting climate change, after “getting it wrong too often”.  About flipping time!

6.  “Call me high maintenance, but even when I was a meat-eater I preferred to know something about the meal I was consuming beyond “contains miscellaneous dead stuff”. Apparently, that’s a big ask nowadays“.

7.  Acting on climate change isn’t just good for the environment.

8.  I am too old to know how this works (or even what the game is…!), but scientists are using video games to chat with people about climate change.

9.  Are you a student?  Or do you work in an office?  If you do, then you might be interested to hear that I found these almost plastic-free highlighter pencils* (only on Amazon I’m afraid) that look like they would be a great long lasting low-plastic alternative to plastic highlighter pens.  They have plastic lids but the rest of the pencil is wood.  There is a pack of 2 available* if you don’t need 18 of the things!

10.  Finally, in your face, Trump!

Have a great Sunday!


ps: catch up with the 2nd September post here, in case you missed it.

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