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Hello!  How are you on this fine Sunday?  It’s been a busy week and weekend so I’m in need of ALL the coffee! 

I also fitted in a bit of cycling (some autumn cycling tips this way) – cycling is by far my favourite way to clear my head and relax. after a long week.  So if you’re at a loose end today then I totally recommend getting out on your bike!  

1. I added a new phrase to my environmental lexicon this week – “carbon unicorns”.  Pulling it out when I want to sound fancy.  You’re welcome to do the same.  Also, the article makes some very valid points.

2.  Related: climate scientists are struggling to find the right words to convey the scale and immensity of climate change.

3.  Tesco trials paying UK customers to return plastic bottles.

4.  Finally, a realistic fashion column in mainstream media – with the mainstay being wear what you already have.  

5.  Something I’ve oft pondered – why does so much ethical fashion look the same?

A friend of mine, who shares my love for ethical and sustainable fashion, turned and asked: “Do we really need another ethical brand making neutral-colored basics?

6.  Although I personally think wasps are flying b*stards (wasp allergy person here), scientists are urging us to stop demonising wasps, pointing out they are as ecologically important – and endangered – as bees.  Making a mental note to try harder to at least learn to tolerate the buggers.

7.  This was a really interesting read –  a secret weapon for combating climate change may be the comfort of conformity.

8.  Why the “made in Italy” label on your clothes isn’t always a by-word for ethically made.

9.  Did you catch Drowning In Plastic on the BBC this week?  It’s on iPlayer for the next 26 days if not.

10.  Finally, if you are on the lookout for new uplifting podcasts then try out Mothers of Invention –  all about amazing women from all over the world who are innovating ways to tackle climate change.  Flipping awesome.

Have a great day!


PS: catch up on last week’s post from 30th September, if you missed it.

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