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Hiya!  How’s it going?  I have been avoiding Brexit news this week, feeling like it was the most sensible thing to do.  Never fear, I’ve been able to keep up with the latest environmental news.  Here’s this week’s bitesize roundup. 

Also, I realised I’ve been writing these Ten Things posts, rounding up the week’s environmental news and my green finds, every Sunday for a year and a half now.  A record!  I love writing these posts and I’m so glad you like reading them too!  

1 The IPCC says we have 12 years to cut carbon by 45%.  What does that look like exactly? A 27 point radical list that’s certainly food for thought.  Some points I readily agree with – free bicycles for everyone, mass rewilding, and my personal favourite – no more lycra cycling gear.  Some I’m not so sure about.  No Google maps for one.  Google maps is my life!    

2.  If consumers boycott palm oil products it could lead to more deforestation.  WHAT. A. MINEFIELD.  The palm oil thing hurts my head.  

3.  Spain is de-carbonising in a big way – starting with closing most of its coal mines by the end of this year (none of this 2021 crap) in an ambitious and progressive environmental move.  

4.  IKEA wants to fix India’s pollution by reusing what farmers burn each winter.

5.  Sainsbury’s is about to stock crickets, intended for human consumption.  Crickets are highly sustainable protein source, but would you eat them?   If you do, promise to tell me what they are like!   

6.  Crickets not your thing?  Like meat too much to forsake it completely?  Reducing the amount of meat you eat, especially the amount of lamb and beef you eat, can make a big difference.

7.  “We’re getting our environmental priorities wrong – it’s about calories, not climate change“.

8.  Useful tips on avoiding activist burnout

9.  It’s been a week of lucky finds – crisps that come in a home compostable bag!  Also, plastic-free and compostable plasters!

10.  Finally, I’m loving Jen’s guide on how to have a crap free Christmas.  If you are starting your shopping soon then, in case you missed it, this week I wrote an ethical Christmas gift guide featuring lots of budget-friendly gift ideas – from plastic-free to vegan, to zero-waste and palm oil free and beyond.  

Have a great Sunday!


PS: catch up with 11th November’s post here, if you missed it.

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