veganuary soup recipe

Hello! How’s it going? The eagle-eyed might have noticed I took a break last week. We’re trying to make headway with the last of our home renovations. We’ve decided that 2019 is the year we finish work on our house. Seeing as we moved here 4 years ago this year then it’s about time before we go crazy living on a perpetual building site!

This week’s links:

1 A bit of meat, a lot of veg – the flexitarian diet to feed 10 billion.

Experts say cutting down on meat (rather than giving it up), as well as cutting down dairy and sugar, and upping the vegetables, nuts and legumes is proposed as a planet-friendly way to feed us all.

2. Boohoo’s sales growth says heaps about our environmental priorities – but avoiding fast fashion is easier than you think.

3. Citizens in the EU and parts of the USA will soon get a “right to repair” on large home appliances, televisions and lighting. Apparently, the shambles that is Brexit won’t stop the right to repair being implemented in the UK – UK manufacturers will almost certainly need to replicate them if UK firms are to export to Europe.

4. The green movement has a diversity problem. And it’s getting worse.

5. A better way to ‘spark joy’.

6. Good news contact lens wearers – a free contact lens recycling scheme has now launched in the UK.

7. Let’s be kind in 2019 – some great words from Sophie Benson.

Don’t tell your best mate they’re a prick for shopping at Primark. Tell the Primark bosses they’re the true pricks and then, if they ask, tell your mate all the pros about sustainability and let them make a decision in their own time, just like you did. Let’s be kind in 2019.

8. The only 10 year challenge we should really be caring about.

9. Even drug dealers are concerned about the environment.

10. Finally, a found in Aldi alert perfect for Veganuary!

I’m off to make the vegan garam masala carrot soup pictured above. You can’t beat a bowl of soup on a cold January day! Whatever you do today, stay cosy!