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Hello!  How’s it going?  I’m currently writing this week’s 10 Things from a very dusty room full of boxes.  We’ve got the builders in for the third time in nine months.  No, we’re not building the Taj Mahal – just the joys of renovating a dilapidated old house!

1. In case you missed this week’s big news: insect population sizes are in sharp decline.  Here are five things we can all do to help reverse insect decline.

2.  This was a great read from Grist on the all-female team investigating what plastic is doing to our bodies.

3.  In the 357th installment of nothing is ever straightforward – apparently banning plastic could have unintended consequences.

4.  The butcher who turned vegan overnight.

5.  Scary stuff – the polar bears who came to tea – a possible consequence of climate change.

6.  The BBC, yes, the BBC, are launching a homeware and fashion brand based around Blue Planet.  I’m trying desperately not to be skeptical, and telling myself it’s not all about the money…

7.  The school climate change strikes are inspiring – but they should shame us adults:

While the threat of a no-deal crashout from the EU is, if all too real, entirely avoidable via a simple vote of the House of Commons, it has fallen to children to point to the emergency that is neither fake nor easily averted. It has fallen to those so young they are not trusted to decide what they can eat or when they can go to bed to sound the alarm about the crisis that matters most: the crisis of the climate“.

8.  Pay your interns and your influencers: how unpaid work perpetuates privilege.

9.  A lovely bit of good news.

10.  Finally, because I quite often get emails about things like this: I bought this bulk sized conditioner* a couple of weeks ago and I’m pleased to report all of our hair is very happy.  Suma do a cheaper bulk sized conditioner* too, which I haven’t tried, but could be another good option.

Have a lovely Sunday!


PS: catch up on the 3rd February article here, in case you missed it.

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