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Hey!  How’s it going?  Anyone else feeling slightly perturbed by this Spring-like weather?  It’s the hottest February in the UK on record.  We’ve had some of the roof off of our house whilst our building works are going on and I won’t lie, I have been relieved that is has been so warm whilst we have been missing a bit of our roof, but a bigger part of me keeps thinking where is the ice and snow!

This week’s links:

1. MPs have called for a 1p clothing tax and darning classes in school to end our throwaway consumer culture.  This article argues that fixing this culture will take more than a 1p tax.

2.  Why you shouldn’t panic.

If you’re trying to motivate people, scaring the sh*t out of them is a really bad strategy.” Your brain literally can’t perceive reality accurately in that state of heightened anxiety. Just ask anyone who has ever had a panic attack. It isn’t fun. Fear shouldn’t be what we strive for“.

3.  The people who have stopped buying new clothes.

When Chenoweth was a teenager in the 80s, her father banned her from jumble sales in case people thought the family was poor. She disobeyed him, and dragged her sacks of clothes through her bedroom window. Now, Chenoweth considers it “a huge gesture of activism to buy secondhand”, a necessary choice for those who “do not believe in damaging the environment and perpetuating this consumption and waste”.

4.  How the world got hooked on palm oil.

5.  Is this yours – the litter pickers who are naming and shaming.

6.  The title of this says no online shopping company, but it really should read no clothing brand can figure out how to quit this one plastic bag.  I’ve worked in enough bricks and mortar clothes shops in my time to know that each item arrives wrapped in its own individual plastic bag, which is removed before the item goes out on the shop floor.

7.  How Instagram influencers fuel our destructive addiction to fast fashion.

Imagine missing the chance to save humanity from runaway climate change because we couldn’t resist Cardi B-inspired tracksuit pants“.

8.  The Pope has been offered a $1 million donation to the charity of his choice to go vegan for Lent.

9.  This is a superb read: is there really such a thing as “ethical consumerism”?

The evidence is overwhelming that it’s been a counterproductive mistake to tell people that the primary power they have to make change is by voting with their pocketbooks. Markets don’t exist to express our will as citizens; they’re merely a means of economic exchange, with profit-seeking enterprises on one end of every transaction. Markets are subject to public policy. And it’s time to get politics—what we believe about how society should work—out of our shopping baskets, and put them back where they belong.

We, as citizens, could be advocating for all sorts of policy initiatives that push corporations to act as stewards of the places where they do business, be it establishing clear accountability throughout their supply chains, or demanding they pay their taxes where they sell their goods. That seems a better use of our time than dithering about, say, which running shoe to buy. Isn’t the goal to live in a world where all running shoes are ethical to consume?

10.  Finally, this story is beautiful.

Have a great Sunday!


PS: catch the 17th of February post here, if you missed it.

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