Hello! How’s it going? I’m still living on a building site, which is making it hard to write at the moment, but I am still popping up on Instagram. This week I mostly wrote about how it’s easy to think that buying a better toothbrush can save the world, when in truth, we really need to focus on the big carbon saving stuff as much as we are focusing on the smaller things.

1. The first climate change debate in two years happened in Parliament on Thursday. You would have thought it would have been high on the agenda, but only a handful of MPs turned up – with the opposition side more occupied.

It’s incredibly frustrating that our members of parliament don’t see climate change as a pressing issue, or consider it an issue that the electorate cares about or makes voting decisions on. If you’re frustrated too you can write to your local MP to let them know what you think via the Write To Them website.

2. Westminster could certainly learn some lessons from our youth. The youth climate strikers, ahead of their global day of action on 15th March, say “we are going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like it or not.

“United we will rise on 15 March and many times after until we see climate justice. We demand the world’s decision makers take responsibility and solve this crisis. You have failed us in the past. [But] the youth of this world has started to move and we will not rest again.

3. If you’re looking for a really succinct explanation of the root of our environmental problems and how to fight it then this post sums it up in just a few words.

4. So great to have this wonderful climate change podcast back.

5. There’s a dead humpback whale in the Amazon jungle and nobody knows why.

6. Could ‘climate delayer’ become the political epithet of our times?

7. A school in Cornwall has banned plastic red noses for Comic Relief on the grounds that these single-use plastic noses are bad for the environment. Kids will instead be painting their noses red and raising money in other ways.  

8. I love this wise piece of perspective from Jane Goodall.

9. Why donating or recycling your unwanted possessions is harder than it might seem. Subtext: buy less crap.

10. Finally, I’ve got the cold and all I want is soup. This lemony kale soup (pictured above) from Fork Knife Swoon is the one I want the most. It’s vegetarian (depending on which stock you make it with of course) but could easily be made vegan just by swapping the butter for something vegan.

See you next week!


PS: catch up with the 24th February post here, in case you missed it.

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