pretty red flower - perfect patio plant

Hello hello!  Good week?  I’ve had a quiet one, slowly and surely working away.  It’s a busy time cycling wise (my day job) and a busy time blog wise (my evening job) but I am not complaining about any of these things – just looking forward to some time off later on in the summer!  I am looking forward to voting on Thursday (although as always I’m nervous about the outcome.  Just me?).  If you’re not planning on voting then please watch this 15 second video if you need any more convincing that your vote really does count.

On to the links:

1.  Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change is a human rights catastrophe, say Amnesty International USA.

2.  On a more positive note, it appears more and more consumers are shunning unethical brands.

3.  I’m taking part in this bee count with my eldest daughter – seeing how many bees we can spot on the way to school and back each day.

4.  How ethical is H&M?

5.  Interesting – which fabrics are most sustainable?

6. This image broke my heart.

7.  I blimmin’ well love Sugru.  This genius (and so easy) no drill garden trellis* is something I want to do for the front of my house.  I’m thinking with a nice climbing hydrangea or something similar.

8.  This New York Times article on packaging food with food to reduce waste gives enormous hope for reducing our reliance on plastic.

9.  Stop right there.  There are such a thing as vegan chip shops (who knew?) and there’s one in Edinburgh!  Guess where I’m heading to very soon?!

10.  I’ve never been the biggest poetry person but I adore this instagram account.  This poem about friendship is one of my favourites.

And from the Moral Fibres archives:

Homemade weedkiller (this stuff really works!)

It’s strawberry season!  Strawberry and basil scones anyone?

Homemade nappy cream for any new parents (or as a gift to a new parent?).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  And I just wanted to say thanks so much for reading along!  I’ve been really enjoying putting these round-ups together lately and I’m glad they are well received by you!


PS: In case you missed it, do catch up on the 28th May Ten Things post to stay up to date on all your environmental news.

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