Hi there! How was your week? We’ve been ploughing on with our house renovations and hope to be back to normal by this time next week (fingers crossed). I’d really like to get back to regular blogging – I’ve started to miss it – I’ve got so many things I’d like to write about, but it’s just been impossible to get anything done when all four of us are living in the one room. Note to self: try and save up enough money to move out next time we get any major renovations done!

1. In big news, Norway is starting the world’s biggest divestment in oil and gas.

2. India has banned the import of plastic waste, following on the heels of China and Malaysia, meaning there are fewer and fewer places for our plastic waste to go. This means our government has to do more to tackle our plastic problem.

3. In exciting times, Iceland (the supermarket) has launched a plastic-free trial:

The trial will involve a range of plastic-free solutions, including paper bags with a tracing paper window, cotton and cellulose nets, and compostable punnets. Examples include moulded pulp fruit punnets with a plant-based film and recyclable paper label; reusable plant-based rubber bands, used for products such as celery and spring onions; and cellulose and cotton nets, used for products such as satsumas and onions“.

It’s only in North Liverpool just now, so if you live there then lucky you – the rest of us will have to wait a little while longer.

4. A reminder from Ethical Unicorn that vegan doesn’t always equal ethical in her post about problematic vegan foods and what you can do.

5. Where do your charity shop donations really go?

It’s up to charities to be more transparent; it’s up to us to slow down our consumption and learn to treasure our clothes; it’s up to brands to churn out less garments and see used clothes as a resource; and it’s up to governments to value the lives and livelihoods of those beyond their own shores“.

6. Good news gin lovers – the first gin made from discarded grapes is about to go on sale in Tesco, in a move to prevent an estimated 166m surplus supermarket grapes from going to waste every year.

7. Did you know that you can recycle crisp packets, toothbrushes and even cigarettes for free? It’s a little known fact that cigarettes contain hidden plastic, so it’s definitely something to think twice about before throwing a cigarette on the ground.

8. “Seriously, stop throwing away your old clothes” – once in landfills, clothes can sit for at least 200 years before breaking down. It’s much better to swap, sell, repair, and as a last resort recycle old textiles.

9. “The Climate Kids are coming, in massive and growing numbers, and they are not in the mood to negotiate“. This 15th March make sure you’re supporting our school children striking for their future.

10. Finally, this story about the bereaved parents who mourned their disabled son’s lonely and isolated life, only to find he had a built an amazing community of friends online was a beautiful read – my favourite of the week. It just shows the impact one person can have.

That’s it for today – catch you next week!


PS: catch the 3rd of March post here, if you missed it.

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