Hi there! I’ve got a fire in my belly – it feels like so much has been happening this week. So many more people seem to be talking about climate change and thinking about how they can help. Have you noticed it too? I really really hope all this talk translates into action and change. We CAN do this.

1. Could coffee waste replace palm oil? Excitingly, two Scottish entrepreneurs at Revive Eco are working to make this a reality, using the coffee waste from coffee shops. I really hope this succeeds – what a game changer this could be.

There are oils in coffee with a wide range of uses in different industries – cosmetics pharmaceuticals, food and drink, household products – you name it, there’s probably a use there. We’re developing a process to extract and purify these oils. The most exciting part for us is that they have all the same components as palm oil“.

2. Think your actions buying loose fruit and vegetables are just a drop in the ocean? The good news is that collectively we are making a difference – loose fruit and veg sales are actually growing at double the rate of plastic-packed fruit and vegetables in the UK.

3. Before we get too carried away with patting ourselves on the back, it’s worth highlighting that over the course of one week a staggering 35,000 people have signed a petition urging McDonald’s to bring back plastic straws. Whilst I never thought I would be giving McDonald’s credit, McDonald’s isn’t bowing to public pressure and have said that they are doing the right thing, by offering only paper straws and that they are “pleased” to be “taking significant steps to reduce our environmental impact”.

4. This article on Climate Change: The Mother of All Problems is simply superb. Give it a read, all the way to the end – you won’t regret it.

5. Green gas – made from farm and food waste – is now powering 1 million homes in the UK. According to the article, currently only one supplier – Green Energy UK – guarantees all of its gas is green.

5. This quiz on climate change solutions was fun and definitely eye-opening. I won’t ruin any of the questions and answers for you – all I’ll say is try it for yourself!

6. My favourite tweet of the week.

7. Speaking of challenging the system, Extinction Rebellion activists have hailed their protests in London as a “huge success” after data suggested they caused a five-fold increase in online searches for climate change.

8. Hopefully, this new interest and enthusiasm in tackling climate change comes at just the right time. This week alone I’ve read heartbreaking news about giraffes undergoing a silent extinction and the emperor penguin colony that disappeared overnight, losing thousands of chicks.

9. If, after that, you’re feeling downhearted, I was definitely buoyed after reading this piece on the orchestras, the villages, the entire countries all working to rein in greenhouse gas emissions.

I especially loved reading about the Swedish orchestra so determined to cut its emissions that it has promised not to employ any musicians or conductors who travel by air. “We are convinced that we can get all we need in terms of talent and artistic energy from within Europe, and from people living in Europe who come from other parts of the world,” said Fredrik Österling, director of Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, and are calling out to artists, conductors and composers willing to make their way to the Swedish city by train, road or boat.

Remember to share what you have been doing to help the environment.

10. Finally, this week is Fashion Revolution Week – the week when we’re encouraged (more than ever) to demand more transparency in the fashion industry, by asking clothing retailers “who made my clothes”?

There are lots of ways you can take part to help campaign for greater transparency. Here are just some examples:

  • Take a photo with your clothing label and ask the brand on social media #WhoMadeMyClothes?
  • Send an email to brands you have shopped with in the past asking them to disclose more information about their supply chain and manufacturing.
  • Write to a policymaker, asking them what they’re doing to create a fairer, safer, cleaner more transparent fashion industry.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


PS: catch up with last week’s post from 21st April here, in case you missed it.

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