How has your week gone?   My week has been politically focused.  This clip was spot on.  I also voted in the European Elections and am nervously awaiting the results tomorrow.  I know a lot of people in my left-wing bubble voted Green, but just how many people voted for the Brexit Party is a scary unknown.  

1. Holy sh*t.  Concentrations should drop as we get into June (this video is a great visual for how CO2 concentrations vary throughout the year), but it’s still pretty scary stuff.  

2.  Mexico City, which currently generates an estimated 13,000 tonnes of waste every day (second only in the world to New York City) has announced that it will ban all single-use plastics, including bags, cutlery, straws, cups, and balloons.  This is huge.  

3.  A more conservative measure has been put forth in England, where straws, drink stirrers, and cotton buds with plastic stems will be banned (or rather their availability restricted) starting from next year.  Defra says that: “Anyone can ask for a straw and be given one without needing to prove a disability – we’ve been working with disabled groups so that they don’t feel stigmatised.

4. 8,000 Amazon employees asked the company to do more on climate change. Shareholders just said no.  I’ve recently updated this guide on ethical alternatives to Amazon should you wish to explore ethical alternatives.

For a company the size of Amazon, there just can’t be a program here and there [on climate], it can’t be a patchwork of solutions that are happening in the different businesses that Amazon is involved in. It has to be a priority at the top.

5. A nine-hour working week could be needed to tackle the climate crisis.  

6.  What have you got planned for 20th September? Greta Thunberg is calling on adults to join climate strikes across the globe.  Here’s how to get involved.  Let’s do this!

7.  What if we covered the climate crisis like we did the start of the second world war?  Some insightful words from Bill Moyer.

With no silver bullet, what do we do? We cooperate as kindred spirits on a mission of public service. We create partnerships to share resources. We challenge media owners and investors to act in the public interest. We keep the whole picture in our heads—how melting ice sheets in the Arctic can create devastation in the Midwest—and connect the dots for our readers, viewers, and listeners. We look every day at photographs of our children and grandchildren, to be reminded of the stakes. And we tell the liars, deniers, and do-nothings to shove off: There’s no future in naysaying.

8.  One sure way to convince a climate denier.

9. ASOS Marketplace now has a charity boutique section*, featuring vintage finds from the ’80s and ’90s.  The clothes are sold through ASOS’s charity partners: Oxfam, TRAID, and Barnado’s and all profits go directly to charity.  Excuse me whilst I sit here and weep that the ’80s and ’90s are now considered ‘vintage’.

10.  Finally, a reminder that the biggest news this week wasn’t a resignation, but something much more immense and important.

Things have been quiet this week whilst I’ve been working on some research-heavy posts that have taken quite a bit of time to write.  The first post is coming up this week so keep an eye out!


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