Hello! Nice to see you again! In this week’s 10 Things post I’ve shoe-horned more than 10 things in because SO MUCH has happened this week, particularly with regards to the clothing industry (sadly not in a good way). Whilst some countries *cough* the UK *cough* aren’t stepping up to the challenge, it good to see others stepping up to the fore, maybe shaming the UK into action. Have I ever mentioned I’m an eternal optimist?!

1. New York is set to approve one of the world’s most ambitious climate plans. It’s ambitious, but whether it acts fast enough is up for debate.

2. What climate emergency? Last year MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee looked at clothing consumption and sustainability and put forward a series of recommendations to clean up the industry. Among the moves proposed were the banning the incinerating or landfilling of unsold stock; a tax on clothing made from plastic (pretty much all synthetic fabrics); a target for clothing manufacturers to reduce CO2 levels to 1990s levels; a 1p per garment levy to tackle fast fashion; and more. This week MPs shamefully rejected these plans. Lucy Siegle wrote a great article on this.

3. Also this week: online retailer Miss Guided launched a £1 bikini made from plastic, which depressingly sold out. It comes to something when even the Daily Mail brands the stunt as unsustainable, exploitative and bound for landfill.

BooHoo, another fast fashion online retailer, launched a 34 piece “sustainable collection”. This is the same company that adds 100 new items to it’s website A DAY. Three days in and BooHoo had already discounted the collection, with 20% off, showing that they’re in a hurry to sell it.

Meanwhile, H&M has been called out on “illegal” sustainability marketing.

What a week!

4. Feeling down? This article on “Fast fashion is f#cking the planet: here’s what you can do to stop it“, by Dazed is just perfect They give really practical advice that anyone can do, such as contacting your MP; contacting the offending brand, publicly; keeping your clothes for longer; buying fewer clothes; voting for change; and always asking questions.

5. Vanuatu is to ban disposable nappies by December this year, in a world first. This small island nation has been suffering disproportionately from the climate emergency, and they plan to phase in the ban. Parents are unhappy about the move, but the Government has said they have no choice, saying that “eventually, plastics find their way into the water and the food chain and at the end of the day, the people of Vanuatu end up consuming [them]“.

6. Plants are going extinct at 500 times faster than the ‘natural’ rate.

7. The “Sheffield of Sweden” has reinvented itself by recycling, and it’s an inspiring read.

8. What would life be like in a zero-carbon country?

9. The actor, Mark Rylance, has resigned from the Royal Shakespeare Company over its sponsorship deal with oil company BP. More of this, please.

10. Finally, I bought this book* for my 7-year-old daughter as an introduction to climate change – I could only find it secondhand through a third party seller on Amazon. We’re exploring more books, which I plan to put into a future blog post, but so far this one seems to be an accessible hit.

School holidays are almost upon us here in Scotland. There will be no Ten Things for the next fortnight whilst I take some very much needed time off. See you then!


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PPS: catch up on last week’s Ten Things post here.

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