thrifty online shopping tip

Let me share with you my thriftiest shopping tip, that you’ll love.

It’s the very start of June, and last week we saw the hottest day of the year.  What are you thinking about, clothes-wise?  Purchasing a new swimsuit?  A pair of sandals?  Some t-shirts?  If you are, then you might be missing a trick…

My Number One Top Shopping Tip

My favourite thriftiest shopping tip ever is in summer to head to eBay* and search for winter specific goods I know I’m going to need later in the year.  Yes, winter, you read that correctly!  If you want to be super thrifty you have to think out of season.

My brain is not in winter mode right now.  It’s filled with thoughts of fixing up our garden.  Trips to the beach. And barbecues and sunny ferry rides to Millport.  But what I will do over the next couple of weeks is sit down and have a quick think to see if there is anything that I know will need replacing in time for next winter.

Previous summer eBay purchases of mine include a winter jacket, a footmuff for the buggy, snowsuits for my girls, and other such winter weather gear, all at really really low prices.  

This year I know one of those purchases will include a smart winter coat.  This is because my old one is on its last legs after being worn every winter for the past 7 years.  I’m thinking something like this, and notice there are no bids on this beautiful jacket at the time of writing with only a few days of the auction to go.  That’s because it’s summer.  

An Easy Way To Save Money

When you’re bidding on items the majority of people aren’t looking to buy right now because of the warm weather and summer holidays, the price is considerably lower.  This is compared to when you’re trying to buy, say a winter coat in November.  Right now you’re bidding against fewer people and more likely to get the items you want at the lowest possible price.

Worried about choice?  Don’t worry,  eBay is brimming over with winter goods right now.  People who have cleared out their wardrobes in spring might only finally get round to listing their items on eBay in summertime as they need a little extra spending money for their holidays.  I’m certainly guilty as charged on this.  There is a pile of stuff sitting in my hall that has sat there since March that I am determined to list this week!

What is your thriftiest shopping tip?  Any other good eBay tips?  Do share your thrifty tips in the comments below!

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