This is a sponsored post on energy-saving blinds in association with Duette®.

You might have double glazing, but have you thought about making your windows more energy efficient?  One easy energy-saving tip is to close your blinds/curtains at dusk and reopen them as soon as the sun comes up; but what if you wanted to do more to help save energy?

Reduces Heat Loss

This is where Duette® blinds come in.  With over 20 years of development, they are some pretty ingenious energy-saving blinds.  The secret?  A honeycomb design that traps air, minimising heat loss from your windows.  You might be wondering if energy-saving blinds are worth it, particularly as they are a little more expensive than regular blinds. Well, the good news is that Duette®’s blinds help to reduce your heating bills by up to an amazing 25%. 


energy saving blinds

Duette® blinds

What’s more, owing to this honeycomb structure, Duette® blinds also have the added advantage of being able to absorb 45% of unwanted noise from outside.  This is a pretty appealing feature if you live in a built-up area, or noise from the road disturbs your sleep.  It also means you get a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Made-To-Measure Energy Saving Blinds

The blinds are made-to-measure and you can purchase them in a wide range of colourways to suit your decor.  If you need blackout blinds for your bedroom – no problem.  If you have an oddly shaped window – again, no problem – Duette® blinds can be made to fit your space.  You can even get conservatory and/or conservatory roof blinds.

duette blinds

As well as saving energy, I love the fact that the blinds are quite stylish, and equally at home in modern or more traditional decors.  I might have to add these to our new home shopping list!

To find out more about Duette Blinds® simply visit the Duette® website.  Here, you can also request a free brochure or request a Duette® designer to visit your home.  Alternatively, you can call 08000 663 662.

ps: do check out my 15 easy ways to save energy and money for some clever ideas.

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