Hello!  It’s the weekend – pour yourself a nice glass of wine and put your feet up!  Got much planned?  My partner and I have a babysitter lined up, and are going out on the town this weekend (we don’t get out too much these days with a toddler in tow!), so I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one for us!

I’ve been beavering away behind the scenes on the blog this week – I realised it was a bit hard to find all of my food waste tips and energy-saving tips, so I’ve added them to the menu bar at the top!  Under ‘Home & Garden’ you’ll now find a section devoted completely to energy saving.  Meanwhile, under ‘Food & Drink’ you’ll now find a section devoted entirely to food waste tips!  If you ever think of anything that will make your life easier on here then do let me know – I love a good tinker!

Read this post on the need for ethical labelling, then sign the petition which hopes to enforce mandatory labelling of clothing, stating the work conditions of the people who make them.

The first refugees of climate change were forced to move from their island home for good back in 2009.  I did not know about this at the time – not sure why it wasn’t a bigger story?

I’m not a knitter (despite the best efforts of my mum to teach me!), but if you are a knitter then you’ll love One Sheepish Girl’s blog.

I’d never in a million years thought of an eco flower carrier, but Shruti Barton has!  Better than those single use carrier bags!

If you’re looking to cut down on the amount of meat and fish you eat, you might want to consider taking part in Meat Free May.

Loving Scottish artist Cheryl Smith’s sculptures made from reclaimed materials.

Apparently, ladies’ legs are damaging the environment.

Have you stocked up on the £13 ethical jeans?  Mine arrived yesterday and I love them (although they are a little long for me!).

From the Moral Fibres archive: if you’re spring cleaning then here are some tips to declutter sustainably; also how to make your own chemical-free cleaning products.  And my first ever Moral Fibres post – some inspiring allotments!

Enjoy your weekend!  And if you missed it, do catch up on my last Weekend Links post.

Photo by jimmedia.

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