I thought I’d start a new little feature here in weekend links. To change things up, I thought I would share some photos from my week, before sharing the links I found interesting this week:

cherry blossom in may

I’m obsessed with the cherry blossom – it’s extra beautiful this year.  We have some beautiful trees in our village.

the meadows edinburgh

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Meadows this week.  Such a great spot in the middle of Edinburgh with loads of great independent cafes round about it (and in it). My favourite is Peter’s Yard. There are some good play parks too.  There’s also, crucially, some good cherry blossom going on at the moment!  See also the top photo, also from the Meadows.

canal walk

We’ve enjoyed lots of family walks – everything is coming into bloom at the moment and it’s exciting to see it all just ready to pop up!

wild garlic in the woods

There is currently a sea of wild garlic (also known as ramsons) in the woods around here.  Now (May)  is a great time to pick a few leaves and add them to soups, omelettes, risottos, or pasta sauces (after washing well).  You want to pick them before the flowers appear or they can taste a bit bitter.

This is kind of amazing – best way to get your kids to eat cauliflower (make sure you scroll down to see what someone’s done with a melon…! )

The top 10 eco films of all time – How do you fare?  I’ve only seen one movie on that list (even though I’ve worked in two cinemas in my lifetime), and I’m not even embarrassed to say that it was Wall-E – pre-motherhood at that!

Recycled tiles made from old TVs!

When communities get together this is what they can achieve!  So inspiring!

The best thing I’ve read all week – one man makes shelters for the homeless from discarded items found in skips.

From the Moral Fibres archives: how to revive dying bees, how to make your own natural cleaning products, and affordable eco-friendly shampoos and conditioners.

Have a good weekend!

PS: catch up on last week’s post here.

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