The last weekend links post went down really well with you lot, so I thought I would return again this week, again rounding up some of the interesting things I’ve read, seen, or heard over the past fortnight.

Simon Reeve’s Tea Trail and Coffee Trail (both on BBC iPlayer) have been fascinating and compelling viewing, highlighting the industry behind our morning, afternoon, and evening brews, and showing the importance of buying both fairtrade tea and coffee.  Simon Reeve is such a great journalist, one of my favourites in fact.  Tea and coffee growing could potentially be a quite dry viewing but Simon keeps things at just the right level.

After buying margarine for as long as I can remember, we switched to using butter last year for the health benefits.  From this article in The Independent it seems like we’re not the only ones.

An ingenious DIY candle that’s zero-waste – made from just a mandarin skin and some olive oil.  Guess what I am making this weekend!

Cargo bikes are big on the continent, but they could be big here with the introduction of electric cargo bikes.  I have to say, I would be very tempted by one!

Jai’s post on minimising the use of plastic in the bathroom is still an article that I go back to time and time again.  So useful for anyone looking to go plastic-free.

I’ve signed this Greenpeace petition against fracking in the UK.  If you’re against fracking too then do consider signing it and sharing it with your friends.  The more signatories the better.

An American shop and restaurant are set to sell out-of-date food – revolutionary!

Finally, what not to wear when you go down to the woods – I learned that wolves crave Chanel No. 5!  Who knew?!

Enjoy your weekend!

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