Are you growing vegetables this year?  To follow on from March’s sowing guide, here is a list of vegetable seeds to sow in April, as well as some handy growing tips. 

Seeds to Sow Outside in April

what to sow April UK


Sow your seeds 1cm deep into the soil. Space the seeds 10 cm apart, with 30 cm between rows.


Make a flat-bottomed trench around 5cm deep and 15cm wide. Sow the seeds evenly in the trench about 7.5 cm apart, before covering them with a light layer of soil.  If you sow a second row, space it at a distance equal to the height of the final pea crop.


Sow at a depth of 2cm, 25 cm apart.  Leave 30 cm between rows.


Thinly sow the seeds, at a depth of 1cm, in rows 15–30 cm apart. Thin out seedlings if necessary – you should aim for your carrot plants to be 5 – 7.5cm apart.


Sow at a depth of 1 cm, leaving 60 cm between seeds and rows.


Sow at a depth of 1 cm, 15 cm apart.  Leave 30 cm between rows.


Sow your seeds 2.5cm apart, at a depth of 1cm.  Leave 30 cm between rows.


Sow your seeds thinly, at a depth of 0.5 – 1cm.  Leave 15 cm between rows.  When the seedlings appear, thin them to make sure plants are 15cm apart.


Sow three seeds 2cm deep, leaving 30cm between each row.

Broad Beans

Sow seeds at a depth of 5cm, with and 20cm between each seed. They are best sown in double rows, with the rows 20cm part. 

Brussels Sprouts

Sow seeds thinly at a depth of 13mm, with 15cm between rows. 


Sow seeds thinly at a depth of 2cm. Depending on the size of the variety you’re growing, rows should be between 15 cm apart for small varieties to 60 cm apart for larger ones.


Sow seeds at a depth of 2.5cm, with 10cm between each seed, in rows 45cm apart.

Kohl Rabi

Sow seeds, 1 cm deep in rows 30 cm apart.

Beet Spinach

Sow your seeds 2.5cm apart, at a depth of 1cm.  Leave 30 cm between rows.


Sow thinly at a depth of 1cm, leaving 30 cm between rows.


Sow seeds thinly at a depth of 1cm, with a spacing of around 2.5 cm between each seed.  If sowing in rows, aim for 15 cm between each row.

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Seeds to Sow Undercover In April

what to sow april

French Beans

Sow French beans in small pots, sowing one bean in each, planted at a depth of 5cm deep. Place the pots in a cold frame, or another sheltered and warm spot.  


Sow seed thinly at a depth of 13mm, in rows 30cm apart, and cover with a cloche or tunnel.  


Grow sweetcorn in a warm, sheltered, sunny position, protected from strong winds.  I find a polytunnel works best.  Sweetcorn is pollinated by the wind, therefore seeds should be sown in blocks rather than rows, 45cm apart. Try sowing two or three seeds at each point, then thin out the extra seedlings to leave just the strongest one.

Seeds to Sow in Heat in April

seeds to plant in April


Sow at 18-21°C in small pots.


Sow cucumber seeds on their side, at a depth of 1cm, in small pots. Keep them warm in a heated propagator, greenhouse, or on a sunny indoor windowsill.


Sow celery seeds thinly in seed trays or pots of moist compost at 15°C. Then apply a very light covering of fine vermiculite or sieved compost. Transplant the young seedlings into 7.5 cm pots when several true leaves appear. 


Sow in small pots, then either place in a propagator or cover each pot with a clear plastic bag and place on a sunny windowsill. The seedlings need to be kept at around 18°C. Once two true leaves have formed, transplant them into 9cm pots.

I’m going to get a few things going on our windowsill this month, and I’ll keep you updated!  There’s a lot of choices when it comes to what seeds to sow in April.  What are you sowing this month?

Happy growing!

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