Guide To The Best Sustainable Dressing Gowns In The UK

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Cosy up this winter, with this guide to sustainable dressing gowns. From bamboo dressing gowns to organic cotton, recycled polyester and other types of eco-friendly fabrics – you’ll be sure to find something you want to snuggle into.

With rising energy bills a part of life, when it comes to keeping cosy in a sustainable way, I am 100% all about the dressing gown.

I am permanently attached to mine. Not convinced? Here’s what my day looks like when it comes to dressing gown usage.

First thing in the morning? I pop on the gown to keep me cosy whilst I make breakfast. Working from home? I’m wearing my dressing gown over my clothes to act as an extra layer to keep me warm. Got a Zoom meeting? I quickly slip it off and pop it over my lap to keep my legs warm, so no one sees me in my gown! Watching TV or reading a book at night? The robe goes on! It’s essentially a second skin that does not leave my side in winter.

The Best Ethical & Sustainable Dressing Gowns

Person sitting on the side of a bath in a white robe, with a blue text box that reads guide to the best sustainable dressing gowns.

If you’re looking for a new sustainable dressing gown this winter, then I’ve rounded up my favourite robes for you.

To help you out further, I’ve included a rough price range for each brand. The key to this guide is:

 £ = Under £50 | ££ = £50 – 100 | £££ = £100+

Use the quick links to jump to information about each brand or keep scrolling for the full guide:

House Babylon

Person wearing a blue House Babylon sustainable organic cotton dressing gown.

Sizes: S – XL

Budget: ££

Available from: Etsy

House Babylon is a great choice when it comes to unisex sustainable dressing gowns.

These seriously fluffy and absorbent terrycloth robes – available in a wide range of colours – are made from 100% organic Turkish cotton.

What’s more, they are OEKO-TEX 100 certified. This independent certification means that every component of the robe, from the fabric to the thread and accessories, has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals, and that it is free of these harmful chemicals.

Offering a relaxed fit, and roomy pockets, these cosy dressing gowns even come complete with a handy laundry bag.


Person wearing a Seasalt dressing gown in blue.

Sizes: S – XL

Budget: ££

Available directly from Seasalt

Available in two different patterns, Seasalt’s cosy recycled polyester dressing gown (£59.95) is perfect for snuggling into on cold mornings and nights.

Featuring a removable waist tie and front pockets, there’s room for all the essentials. By which I mean snacks, always snacks!

Seasalt was the very first fashion company to achieve Soil Association GOTS certification back in 2005, and soon after, became one of the UK’s largest sellers of organic cotton. Seasalt hasn’t stopped there and has introduced a raft of sustainability schemes, including a takeback scheme on your old Seasalt clothing to avoid it going to landfill.

Piglet In Bed

Person wearing a Piglet in Bed ethical dressing linen dressing gown

Sizes: one size

Budget: ££

Available directly from Piglet In Bed

Available in two different colours, Piglet In Bed’s pure linen robe (£79) is made from 100% stonewashed linen that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

Linen makes for a good sustainable fabric choice when it comes to dressing gowns as it is made from fast-growing and extremely durable flax. Flax grows without the need for fertilisers or pesticides, on dry ground where food crops cannot grow. This means it can be produced without damaging the environment or displacing food crops.

A naturally thermoregulating fabric, linen can keep you cosy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Your robe might feel a little stiff to begin with but stick with it. Linen is a natural fabric that becomes softer and more absorbent with use.

Haus Of Niya

Person wearing a red Haus of Niya organic cotton robe.

Sizes: One Size

Budget: £

Available from Etsy

Haus of Niya makes stunning hand-printed robes that are made sustainably from natural dyes and 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Whilst more of a summer weight, these pretty robes are ones that you are going to want to wear all year round.

What’s to especially love about Haus of Niya is that it operates a zero-waste policy. All of its designs are cut in a way to keep textile waste to an absolute minimum. Any leftover material is then used to make matching hair scrunchies.

Nobody’s Child

Person wearing Nobody's Child floral robe.

Fits: size 6 – 18

Budget: £

Available at Marks & Spencer

To be honest, I’m not really the biggest fan of Nobody’s Child. The brand positions itself as sustainable fast fashion. Yet the words “sustainable” and “fast fashion” are oxymorons. You simply can’t have the two side by side.

That being said, dressing gowns aren’t exactly fast fashion. You don’t wear it once or twice and then replace it with a new one. A dressing gown is generally something that you keep for a relatively long time.

All things considered, I think Nobody’s Child’s EcoVero Dressing Gown is a good sustainable choice if you’re looking to pick something up under £50. Available online only at Marks & Spencer for £47, it’s made from 100% EcoVero, which is a more sustainable fabric that is produced and spun using wood from responsibly managed forests.

This super soft material – similar in feel to viscose – is made from renewable wood in a closed-loop process.

This cuts down on water usage by at least 50% and ensures that the chemicals used in the fabric-making process are continually recycled rather than disposed of in our waterways.

Looking for other ways to keep the chill off this winter? Do also check out my guide to ethical slippers and ethical pyjamas.

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