I’ve got a sponsored guest post for you today from Shiply, a courier company with a difference.

Moving house isn’t just stressful for us human being but it can also be quite harsh on the environment.  Moving usually involves using dozens of cardboard boxes, tape and bubble wrap.  Items that you won’t necessarily need again for quite some time and not to mention disbursing fuel and emitting pollutants.

However, it is possible to move house in an eco-friendly responsible manner that is kind to the environment we live in.  Below is a handy guide on how you can green your house move.


One thing I have learned from past experience when moving house is you do not need to bring every item you own with you on your new adventure.  Have a massive clear out before you start packing.

You can sell any unwanted old clothes, books and appliances on eBay or Gumtree.  Or alternatively, you can give them to local charity shops or family and friends.

If you don’t need all your furniture in your new home, you can donate these to websites like Freecycle.  This fantastic website allows you to donate unwanted furniture and passes them on to others free of charge reducing waste in the process.

Packing Materials

Instead of buying tons of new boxes and packing materials, get crafty with the items you have around you.  Try to use suitcases instead of boxes.  Ask your friends and family if you can borrow some of their suitcases just for your house move.

Laundry bags are also an excellent alternative to boxes.  You can generally fit a lot in them and they are much easier to carry than boxes.  Instead of buying tons of bubble wrap, you can use clean towels and linens to wrap breakables in.

Cleaning Products

When cleaning your old place (and new) don’t forget to use eco-friendly cleaning products.  If you don’t know where to buy organic cleaning products the great thing is you can make them yourself.  All you need is lemons, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and some essential oils.

If you are not doing the cleaning yourself, make sure to ask the cleaning company what sort of cleaning products they use.


Hire an eco-friendly moving company to help you out with heavy lifting on the big day.  You can use delivery websites like Shiply who match customers with eco-logistics providers who have spare capacity and are looking for extra work.  To date, it is estimated that Shiply has saved over 33 million unnecessary truck miles.  This equates to around 11.7m kg of CO2, the same as you flying from London to New York 19,311 times.