Where To Buy Glass Spray Bottles for Cleaning Products

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Want to know where to buy glass spray bottles for cleaning products?  Let me share my thrifty secrets, as well as my favourite shops.

My most-asked question of late is where I buy glass bottles and glass spray bottles for cleaning products.  Specifically glass bottles for storing homemade cleaning products.

To give you some context, this is some of my collection of homemade cleaning products in said glass bottles:

where to buy glass bottles for cleaning products

Repurposing Is Better Than Buying New

Want in on a secret?  I didn’t buy a single one of these bottles especially for storing cleaning products.  I’ve recycled every single bottle, giving each bottle a new use once I was done with the contents.

From left to right, the first bottle is a gin bottle with a screw top that conveniently fits a spray nozzle.  It’s an Edinburgh Gin bottle, in case you want to know.  It contains my lavender daily shower spray, which smells amazing.  The gin was pretty good too!

The middle bottle is another Lidl gin bottle with a cork /wood stopper. I like the size of this one, and use it to store my homemade fabric conditioner.

The last bottle is a glass vinegar bottle.  I’ve repurposed this to hold my homemade fabric refresher spray.  Some shops have started to sell their vinegar in plastic bottles (hello Sainsbury’s).  However, glass bottles of vinegar are still widely available in other shops (try the Co-Op if you’re struggling). And at under 70p, the vinegar makes a super thrifty natural cleaning product ingredient and then a handy storage bottle when you’re done.

In short, any bottle will do.  Just use what you already have, rather than buying something new. Bottles that have screw tops are especially useful as most will fit a spray nozzle, but as you can see even stoppered bottles have their uses.

I store these clear glass bottles in either the cupboard under my sink or my bathroom cupboard.  Sunlight, particularly direct sunlight, can degrade the effectiveness of the essential oils that these products contain, hence the need to keep them someplace dark.

What About Amber Glass Bottles For Cleaning Products?

amber glass bottles for cleaning products

For cleaning products I tend to store on the worktop, e.g. my homemade kitchen spray, I store these products in amber glass bottles to prevent sunlight from affecting the cleaning solution.

Where to Buy Glass Spray Bottles for Cleaning

I haven’t (yet!) found a way to purchase something I need in an amber glass bottle. Therefore, I do buy amber glass bottles specifically for use for storing cleaning products. 

I purchase my bottles from Friendly Turtle*. These come in a pack of 3 for £8.99, complete with nozzles. The bottles are 500 ml – I find that size the most practical.

What About The Nozzles?

For the spray tops, I try to reuse spray nozzles from old eco-friendly cleaning product bottles.  I always find the best thing to do is to pop the stem of the spray nozzle in water and spray it a few times.  This removes any pre-existing cleaning solution that might be in there before using it in your lovely homemade products.

I don’t have any other recommendations for replacement spray nozzles. The reason being is that I just can’t find any that are particularly durable. Most seem to withstand two or three refills, before breaking. Instead, I ask people that don’t make their own cleaning products to keep their spray nozzles for me rather than recycling them! It’s frugal and helps reduce functional items being wasted!

What About Labels For Cleaning Products?

When it comes to making labels for my cleaning product bottles, I use a Dymo Omega Home Embossing Label Maker*.

I have tried using paper washi tape, brown paper tape, and paper stuck on using regular sticky tape. What I’ve found is that during the refill process, and sometimes during use, the labels get wet and just fall off. The embossed tape is a much more permanent solution.

I hope this has helped with your glass spray bottles for cleaning products queries, and, of course, if you are looking for some cleaning product recipes then I can wholeheartedly recommend this book! ;)

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  1. Hi, I know I’m late to this but I think some of the glass oil bottles sold in the likes of Sainsbury’s are amber glass. I also know my biona vinegar bottle (750ml) is. Some are green glass so not very good, but its worth a look!

  2. Haven’t been able to repurpose many bottles unfortunately although this could have something to do with the fact that I don’t drink gin!! Baldwins are excellent though with a huge choice of products, I particularly like being able to buy different size glass and plastic bottles that just need the one size of spray or pump top.

    Still working my way through the recipes in your excellent book Wendy, hydrogen peroxide (which I’d previously never heard of) is definitely a wonder product for carpet stains and it can be bought from Ebay which is convenient.

    Do you have any thoughts on shelf life for essential oils?