Best YouTube Videos & Channels on Climate Change To Watch Now

In need of some viewing inspiration? Here are some of the very best YouTube videos and channels on climate change to watch now.

Climate change is a complex issue. If you are struggling to get your head around the ins and outs of climate change, then you’re not alone. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), around 35% of adults in the UK feel like they don’t know much about climate change.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a climate scholar to understand the issues. A host of science communicators have put together some incredibly useful and accessible YouTube videos on the topic of climate change. From the causes and effects, to why it isn’t straightforward to solve planetary warming. Some videos even cover the problems of climate misinformation – fuelled by both oil companies and the media.

Best YouTube Videos On Climate Change

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Whether it’s for yourself, or if you want to show a climate video to students or for a group talk to help inspire and educate, then you don’t need to look far. Here are some of the very best YouTube videos on climate change that you can watch right now.

Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

Can YOU Fix Climate Change is by Kurzgesagt – a German animation studio specialising in educational videos. This great video explains the complexity of climate change in just 15 minutes. Kurzegesagt is German for ‘in a nutshell’ after all!

With 11 million views in just 8 months, there’s good reason for the video’s popularity. As well as explaining what climate change is, the video also succinctly explains complex issues behind climate change. This includes the historical and geopolitical factors that make taking action on rising carbon emissions tricky. The YouTube video also covers why individual climate action, such as switching to an electric car, won’t solve climate change by itself.

Don’t feel despondent though. The video also presents real, doable solutions. It’s not going to send you into a spiral of climate anxiety. I’ve studied Education for Sustainable Development as far as PhD level and I would say it’s the best climate change video I’ve found. No word of a lie.

Climate Change 101 With Bill Nye

If 15 minutes is too long, and you want a climate change explainer in less than 5 minutes, then this is the best YouTube video for you. In this video for National Geographic, Bill Nye – the US science communicator – explains what climate change is exactly.

Whilst it doesn’t go into such depth as the Kurzgesagt video – such as the issues that make solving climate change difficult – it is a very useful video. Particularly if you are looking to educate your audience first before advancing to other climate change discussion points.

Causes And Effects Of Climate Change

Another quick primer on climate change, this 3-minute video from National Geographic on the causes and effects of climate change is a good watch for beginners. From discussing what causes climate change to discussing what the effects of climate change are, this video outlines the human impact and consequences of climate change on the environment, and our lives, in an accessible manner.

13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

13 Misconceptions About Global Warming by Veritasium is another useful YouTube video to watch to help educate people about climate change. It’s also a useful video for when you come up against climate change deniers.

Debunking the 13 most common misconceptions about global warming, along with sources for the information, this fun yet informative 7-minute video is a must-watch. With over 5.3 million views, the internet agrees!

Who Is Responsible For Climate Change?

Who Is Responsible For Climate Change, again by Kurzgesagt, is another must-watch. This ten-minute video explains the complexities and ethical dilemmas at a Nation-state level when it comes to taking action on climate change. This includes to complexities of working out who needs to do the most to reduce emissions.

My only criticism of this otherwise excellent video is what it omits. It fails to mention that nations such as the US and UK have reduced their own carbon footprints by outsourcing the production of goods to China. Chiefly because labour is considerably cheaper there. As such, China’s emissions are higher because they make many of the West’s consumer goods. This is a really important talking point that should not be overlooked.

If you watch this video in an educational or community setting, then I’d really recommend having this topic as a discussion point.

The History of Climate Change Negotiations In 83 Seconds

Strongly related to the last Kurzgesagt video is this YouTube video on climate change negotiations in 83 seconds by CICERO Klima. This Norwegian climate research institute has put together an incredibly concise video on the problems with getting nation-states to agree to take the necessary climate action. Watch it and understand the problem in less than 2 minutes!

The Biggest Lie About Climate Change

The Biggest Lie About Climate Change by AsapScience is a really interesting YouTube video about misinformation. It explains how Exxon – the oil company – knew in the 1980s about the links between burning fossil fuels and climate change. Rather than looking to innovate and diversify into cleaner forms of energy, Exxon kept this information quiet. Instead, they lobbied Governments and took part in disinformation campaigns to maintain the status quo.

It’s an engaging watch if you want to understand why we’re in the situation we’re in right now.

Climate Change And The Titanic

I first came across this clever YouTube video on a climate change education course I went on. The simple 4-minute animation draws parallels between the decisions taken by the crew of the Titanic, despite repeated warnings from other ships in the area, and world leaders, despite repeated warnings from climate scientists.

Sounds like climate doomism? I promise it’s not. Instead, it’s a clever way to say that if we carry on full steam ahead then we will run into catastrophic problems. If, however, we take action now, we can change course.

A Statistically Representative Climate Change Debate YouTube Video

This statistically representative climate change debate from the Last Week Tonight Show with John Oliver does contain bad language. It’s probably not what you would want to show to school pupils or anyone easily offended! However, this 4-minute comedy video is a really great watch on the colossal failings of the media when it comes to communicating about climate change, and what the media should do to make their reporting more balanced.

Why Humans Are So Bad At Thinking About Climate Change

Finally, this YouTube video by Vox on why are humans so bad at thinking about climate change is another video high on my list. Discussing why the biggest problem in the climate change fight isn’t technology – it’s human psychology, this 10-minute video is incredibly compelling.

M. Sanjayan, a Senior Scientist and Researcher from UCLA and Conservation International, discusses the messaging that turns people off from taking action on climate change. By then looking at proven effective ways to get people to take environmental action, it’s a fascinating watch for anyone looking to encourage their community to take action on climate change.

Have you found any great YouTube videos on climate change? As always, do share in the comments below.

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10 Best TED Talks on Climate Change & Sustainability To Watch Now

Looking to get informed and inspired on all things sustainability? Try these 10 best TED talks on climate change and sustainability to get you started.

With growing awareness about the climate crisis, and increasing warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the imperative need to act now, many of us are looking for new ways to understand more about climate change. Many of us are also looking to try different ways to communicate to others about the climate crisis.

One easy, free and accessible way to understand more is through a TED Talk. A flick through the TED Talk archive reveals a vast array of climate change talks. These range in depth from climate scientists to activists, politicians, and more. Whilst the topics differ, all the talks share a common message – how to be impassioned to fight against climate change.

The 10 Best TED Talks on Climate Change

TED app on a phone, with a blue text box that says the ten best TED Talks on climate change to watch today.

What To Do When Climate Change Feels Unstoppable – Clover Hogan’s TED Talk

Suffering from climate anxiety? Clover Hogan delivers this brilliant TED Talk on climate change that you’ll want to watch. Clover has experienced climate anxiety firsthand. However, she also understands the path to climate action starts with the one thing you can control: your mindset. She explains why challenging the stories that keep you feeling powerless can help you take the first step to protect the planet for generations to come.

Love, Sorrow And The Emotions That Power Climate Action – Knut Ivar Bjørlykhaug

Social worker and environmental activist Knut Ivar Bjørlykhaug delivers this inspiring TED talk on climate change. In it, Knut asks you to picture your favourite place in nature, and how would you then feel if it disappeared tomorrow? By doing so, Knut invites us to confront the deep, difficult emotions – love, sorrow and even rage – born from climate-driven ecological loss. By confronting these emotions, Knut argues we can power climate action.

Nature Is Everywhere, We Just Need To Learn To See It – Emma Marris

How do you define “nature?” Environmental writer Emma Marris argues that if we define nature as that which is untouched by humans, then we won’t have any left.

Instead, in this sustainability TED Talk, Emma urges us to consider a new definition of nature. A definition that includes not only pristine wilderness but also the untended patches of plants growing in urban spaces. In the process, Emma encourages us to bring our children out to touch and tinker with it, so that one day they might love and protect nature too.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Fight Climate Change: Talk About It – Katharine Hayhoe

How do you talk to someone who doesn’t believe in climate change? Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe says it’s not by rehashing the same data and facts we’ve been discussing for years.

In this inspiring, pragmatic climate change TED Talk, Hayhoe shows how the key to having a real discussion is to connect over shared values like family and community. This can then prompt people to realise that they already care about a changing climate. “We can’t give in to despair,” she says. “We have to go out and look for the hope we need to inspire us to act. And that hope begins with a conversation, today.”

Climate Justice Can’t Happen Without Racial Justice – David Lammy

Why has there been so little mention of saving Black lives from the climate emergency? For too long, racial justice efforts have been distinguished from climate justice work, says David Lammy, Member of Parliament for Tottenham. In this powerful climate change TED talk about building a new movement to care for the planet, Lammy calls for inclusion and support of Black and minority leadership on climate issues. He also calls for a global recognition that we can’t solve climate change without racial, social and intergenerational justice. If you only watch one TED Talk today, make it this one.

Why Climate Change Is A Threat to Human Rights – Mary Robinson

Climate change is unfair. While rich countries can fight against rising oceans, poor people around the world are already having their lives upended – and their human rights threatened – by killer storms, starvation, and the loss of their own lands. In this passionate and inspiring sustainability TED Talk, the former Irish Prime Minister Mary Robinson asks us to join the movement for worldwide climate justice.

The Disarming Case To Act Right Now On Climate Change – Greta Thunberg

In this passionate call to action from November 2018, the then 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg explains why, in August 2018, she walked out of school and organised a strike to raise awareness of global warming. This simple act of protesting outside the Swedish parliament grabbed the world’s attention. “The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have all the facts and solutions,” Thunberg says. “All we have to do is to wake up and change.”

The Link Between Climate Change, Health And Poverty – Cheryl Holder

For the poor and vulnerable, the health impacts of climate change are already here, says physician Cheryl Holder. Unseasonably hot temperatures, disease-carrying mosquitoes and climate gentrification threaten those with existing health conditions, while wealthier people move to higher ground. In this impassioned TED talk on climate change, Holder proposes impactful ways clinicians can protect their patients from climate-related health challenges. Holder also calls on doctors, politicians and others to build a care system that incorporates economic and social justice.

The Fastest Way To Slow Climate Change Now – Ilissa Ocko

“Cutting methane is the single fastest, most effective opportunity to reduce climate change risks in the near term,” says atmospheric scientist Ilissa Ocko. That’s because, unlike carbon dioxide, methane’s warming power doesn’t come from a gradual buildup over time. Instead, it is driven almost entirely by recent emissions. In this sustainability TED talk, Ocko identifies three main sources of methane pollution which, if addressed, could dramatically slow down the rate of global warming within years, not decades. “This is the methane moment,” Ocko says.

Climate Change Isn’t A Distant Threat – It’s Our Reality – Selina Neirok Leem

Every year, ocean levels rise and high tides flood the low-lying Marshall Islands in the Pacific, destroying homes, salinating water supplies and disrupting livelihoods. In this stirring poem and sustainability TED talk, youth climate warrior Selina Neirok Leem explains why adaptation using Indigenous solutions is the only choice for people on the front lines of climate change. “These islands are our ancestors, our predecessors, our homes,” Leem says. “We are at the risk of losing all of that for something we contributed very little to.”

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