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Hello, my name’s Wendy and welcome to Moral Fibres!  I started writing this green living blog early in 2013, to help show how easy, affordable and stylish it can be to live a greener life.

I’ve worked in the sustainability sector since graduating from university.   Since then I have heard just about every conceivable misconception that joe public has of environment lovers.  Some of them repeatable, some of them not.  ‘Lentil-eating sandal-wearers’ is perhaps one of the least inoffensive offerings I’ve heard!

With these common misconceptions at the front of my mind, I wanted Moral Fibres to show that sustainable living can be part of everyone’s daily life, whether you wear sandals or prefer a more substantial footwear, without compromising on style.  I promise you won’t find any tie-dye or catch a whiff of patchouli oil here!

Covering all aspects of sustainable living, Moral Fibres is never preachy nor judgmental.

It can be quite intimidating knowing where to start living a greener life, so I’ve divided the blog into six main categories so you can dip into whatever section takes your fancy.  Use the menu bar above to start exploring!  Enjoy!

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About Wendy

moral fibres eco blog

I’m in my mid-30’s and live near Edinburgh with my partner and our two daughters – one is four, and the other we welcomed into the world in January 2016.  I’m just an ordinary woman.  I don’t do yoga, I don’t eat a macrobiotic diet, I don’t live in a self-built eco house (just a standard everyday house that we’re trying to make energy efficient), and I don’t have a big budget to spend on ethical clothes, organic food and fancy eco-friendly gadgets.  I don’t have a hybrid car, in fact I don’t even have a car!

We simply live on a modest budget and try to make the most economical and ethical choices we can within our budget.  I’m down to earth and hope the blog reflects this too!

I’ve always been interested in sustainability from a young age.  I graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BSc in Environmental Geography in 2003, and followed this up with a MSc in Environmental Sustainability, graduating in 2005 from the University of Edinburgh.  Since then I’ve worked in the sustainability sector – currently I work part-time in the sustainable transport sector, balanced with being a mum, and I write Moral Fibres in my spare time.

Although I know a fair amount about sustainable living, I don’t know it all, so Moral Fibres is a blend of me sharing the things I know (because what use is knowing about it if I don’t share it!), and sharing the things I’ve been finding out about how to make my life more green and ethical.  I hope you find it to be a useful resource!

If you do find it useful drop me a line, either via Facebook or Twitter, or via e-mail on moralfibres@gmail.com as the number one thing I love about blogging is hearing from people who have made a positive difference in their life via Moral Fibres.

Things you should know about me: cake is my Achilles heel.  I love thrifty finds, so more often that not posts will have some kind of thrifty aspect to them, and I have a new found love of foraging (free food!).  I’m a long-term vegetarian (trying to be vegan, but struggling with cake and cheese – don’t get me started on cheesecake!), and our family live car-free.  I wouldn’t say my life is 100% green, but it’s a work in progress – I hope you follow along for the ride!

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