35 Ethical Clothing Brands For Women

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The ethical fashion market is growing – in fact it’s never been bigger thanks to increasing demands from customers wanting more ethical and fair clothing.  In saying that though, it can be daunting knowing where to start looking for clothing.  To help you out I’ve listed some UK ethical clothing brands catering for women that you might love.  Some you might know, others you may not.  All adhere to the Moral Fibres ethos of hip, not hippie!

I’ve stuck to UK based women’s ethical clothing brands because I’m UK based and that’s what I know.  With over 30 ethical clothing brands listed here I also had to draw the line somewhere, and geographical boundaries seemed like the most practical place to start!

If you’re after men’s ethical clothing then do click here for that as I’ve got you covered!

Ethical Clothing Brands Directory

Antiform – ££

Fashion foward Antiform source all of their materials and workmanship within the UK, and local to their Bristol based studio of possible.  They are big on the use of reclaimed materials with many items made from 100% reclaimed material.

Beaumont Organic – ££ – £££

ethical clothing brands - beaumont organic

Working only with factories that are within the EU, pay fair wages, and provide good working conditions, Beaumont Organic’s range of GOTS certified clothing are perfect for casual wear.

Beautiful Soul London – £££

Luxury womenswear with UK based production.  Fabric remnants feature as fastenings and embellishments, adhering to the Beautiful Soul London policy of zero-waste, whereby every last thread of fabric is used in the creative process.  Pricey (very pricey) but very beautiful.

Bibico – ££

ethical clothing directory

Laidback fairtrade fashion that’s simple yet stylish, and very wearable.  All of Bibico’s items are made from natural materials  so you won’t find any synthetics in their online shop, or in their bricks and mortar shop in Bath.  They even have a lovely range of organic cotton clothing.  Sign up to their newsletter and you’ll even get 10% off your first order.  They also run regular sales which are worth keeping your eye out for.

Braintree Clothing – ££

Easy to wear fairtrade clothing made from bamboo, hemp and/or organic cotton, often in beautiful prints.  Keep your eye out for regular sales.

brm. – ££ – £££

An eco friendly and ethical clothing brand, where all clothing is made-to-order and either produced in the studio or at a small factory in Northumberland.  The factory employs local people and pays a living wage.  brm strive to use eco friendly and sustainable fabrics for as many of their pieces as possible.

Bryony & Co – ££ – £££

sustainable clothing brands

Uniquely printed dresses and skirts made from organic cotton in Europe and the UK.  The prints are hand drawn in their London studio.  These seriously beautiful clothes are high up on my wish list!  Keep your eye out for sample sales.

Earth Kind Originals – ££

This ethical clothing brand specialise in fairly made laid back leisure ware.

Etrala London – £££

Etrala London produce high-end limited run ethical collections.  Each piece is handmade in London using natural fabrics such as pure silk, British wool and ethically-sourced leather.  In order to reduce surplus stock and wastage, they only produces as per demand. 

Finisterre – ££ – £££

An ethically made and sustainable outdoor clothing, which even offers a repair service for your Finisterre jacket.

Greenfibres – ££

Ethically sourced and responsibly made organic cotton basics

Gudrun Sjoden – ££

eco friendly fashion brands

Colourful eclectic clothing made ethically, and often organically.  I also appreciate their use of older models – it’s such a refreshing change.

Here Today, Here Tomorrow – ££

Ethically made by Nepalese craftspeople, the collection at Here Today, Here Tomorrow is small but perfectly formed.

Howies – ££

High quality organic and recycled outdoors clothing designed to last.

Kitty Ferreira – £££

The Kitty Ferreira brand make stylish sustainable clothes perfect for work or special occasions, all of which are made in London.  Clothes are dyed using natural dyes, the silk they use is organic and cruelty free, and where possible they use British made upcycled fabrics.  And in a very welcome move the clothes go up to a size 26 – which is good news for customers looking for plus size ethical clothing.

Komodo – ££

komodo fashion

Ethically sourced, organic and natural fibre fashion that’s every bit as stylish as ethical.

Little Lotus Boutique – ££

All of Little Lotus Boutique’s small collection of garments are handmade in rural Cambodia by skilled artisans in line with their ethical principles.

Lost Shapes – ££

Lost Shapes sell organic cotton Earth Positive t-shirts hand printed with water based inks. The quality is second to none and wash really well.

Lowie – ££ – £££

Lowie’s exceptionally stylish clothes are fairly made from organic cotton, recycled cotton, or ethically sourced wool, and they even offer a free repair service on all items from their current and past seasons.

Madia & Matilda – ££

Cotswolds made stylish ethical clothing in sizes 8 – 18.  Items are produced from sustainable fibres, and minimising wastage is at their core.  Madia & Matilda say they create clothing that is timeless, great quality, classic and not trend focused, so their pieces are ones you can truly invest in.

Mayamiko – ££

Mayamiko clothing is ethically made in Malawi, and combines contemporary design with traditional African techniques.  Part of their profits also go towards the Mayakiko Trust, which helps some of the most disadvantaged people in Malawi by providing skills training, education, nutrition, sanitation and promoting fairer trade practices.  Prices range from £19 upwards for tops, and £35 upwards for dresses.

Monkee Genes – ££

Purveyors of organic bamboo jeans, made in England, that are beautifully soft.  My only gripe is that Monkee Genes only come in two leg lengths – regular and long.   The regular leg length being 31″, so if you’re on the shorter side you may struggle with the fit.

Nancy Dee Clothing – ££

ethical fashion brands for women

British made fashionable ethical clothing for every occasion that’s made with sustainable eco friendly fabrics.  Join their mailing list to get 20% off your first order.

Noctu – ££

Ethically made sleepwear and loungewear that’s both fairtrade and made using 100% GOTS certified cotton.

Nomads – ££

Bohemian inspired ethical clothing that’s designed in the UK, and fairly made in India suing GOTS certified cotton.  Sizes range from size 8 – 18.

Outsider Clothing – ££ – £££

Beautiful, timeless clothes ethically made by this ethical clothing brand using sustainable materials, such as hemp, hemp silk, organic cotton, naturally coloured cotton, peace silk and more.


Responsibly made outdoor clothing designed to last, and to be repairable.  The website gives advice on how to repair all Patagonia items, which is seriously useful, and for any clothing that can’t be repaired then you can drop it off at a Patagonia store for recycling or repurposing.

People Tree – ££

People Tree sell fairtrade basics, leisure wear, workwear and occasion wear, often in 100% organic cotton.  They often work in collaboration with designers, such as Orla Kiely and Zandra Rhodes, to produce some original prints.  Quite often this ethical clothing brand is my first stop when looking for ethical clothing.  Keep an eye out for regular sales if you’re shopping on a tight budget.

Riyka – ££ – £££

This ethical clothing brand sell a small collection of fun and colourful wardrobe basics, all designed in the UK and made in a fair-wage, sustainable atelier in Bulgaria.  Riyka say they use reclaimed, organic, and/or British made fabrics where possible, and all of the organic cotton they use is GOTS certified.

Seasalt Cornwall – ££

sustainable clothing brands Seasalt Cornwall

Seasalt specialise in beautiful timeless clothing and stunning prints, and are actively increasing the amount of products they manufacture locally in the South West, Guernsey and across the UK, through their Locally Made project.

THTC Clothing – ££

Short for The Hemp Trading Company, THTC is an ethical clothing brand that specialises in eco-friendly organic and ethically sourced and produced politically-conscious street-wear.

Totty Rocks – £££

Ediburgh based Totty Rocks produce stylish retro inspired clothing, all of which are designed and made in Scotland.

The White T-Shirt Co – ££

The White T-Shirt Co produce simple wardrobe basics in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.  If you’re looking for the perfect ethical white t-shirt then step this way.

Wild Flora Clothing – ££

Linen and cotton clothing handmade to order in Shrewbury.  Often hand dyed with natural dyes, and printed with hand carved blocks, this is slow fashion at it’s finest.

 Wool & The Gang – ££ – £££

At Wool & The Gang, you can buy a pre-made item, made by the Wool & The Gang community of knitters around the world – their “global knitwork of gangstas.  Nothing is mass produced – it’s all made by knitters in their own homes.  If knitting is your thing, then instead you can simply order the pattern and the wool to make your own.  They can even supply you with the knitting needles!

Have I missed any?  Please pop your favourite ethical clothing brands in the comments below.

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35 Sustainable and Ethical fashion brands


  1. HI- What about us? Ash & Rose Collection got a great shout out in Green American Magazine and under our former label (Nancy’s Gone Green) won the people and planet award. I am our main designer. I source from vintage fabrics, findings (cast of piles of zippers, hooks and eyes etc.) lace and trims. I now also use salvage and dead stock fabrics.

    We don’t put out a catalog (not green) so any attention is deeply appreciated. We have been online for awhile, but we now have a brick and mortar store in Boston, MA, USA. My daughter/partner Mary buys our other labels, all eco/fair wage and we are building on our local sourcing.

    I enjoyed looking through this list. Now I want to be on it!

  2. Great list, Ive bookmarked them for later.
    Its great there are so many places to shop ethically now, but I still struggle to find a plain black or grey t-shirt in heavy cotton, long length, and not too tight, in a size 16. Most of them stop at a 14, or they are too thin.

    Anyway, my recommendation is Windram Design on Etsy. Beautiful linen tunics and tops.

  3. It seems that the UK has much more options for ethical clothing. Its hard to find things in the States that aren’t hippy cotton lounge wear.

    Beautiful site, by the way! I’ve added to my feed, and looking forward to future posts!

  4. I fall in love with little lotus boutique, when I first time visit their site! the range of clothing items is so wide! I follow them on Instagram and planning to buy something! The same thing with the howies, definitely the best choice for women!

  5. Great post, I didn’t know some of the brands in this list. Bookmarked to check them out later. I’m based in the UK too, few year back I found an ethical brand called Verry Kerry . Their kimonos are really unique and I know they work with an upcycling NGO to resolve the waste issue. Anyway, great list, will follow for more

    • Hi Danny, I just focused on specific brands rather than shops because listing shops seemed like quite a daunting task! I’m in Scotland – what town/city are you in/near and I’ll tell you if I know of any shops!

  6. hey, you have done great job. selection of brands is quite nice, would like to see another article with more Brands. is any brand has got presence in India??

  7. I wondered if Celtic & co fits your criteria – they sound good but I haven’t looked in depth. I have no connection with them but love their sheepskin slippers!
    Thanks for your list!

  8. Would love love love a post about ethical slippers, if you can find any. I’ve been trawling the internet for hours and not found any I’m happy with really. This post is great for clothes though!

  9. It’s a great article, but personally, I’d add brands like Asos and Matalan to the list.
    It’s good to see people started caring so much, I’m a master student doing research in discovering the true extent of corporate social responsibility in the UK fashion industry, it would be much appreciated if you could take out two minutes help our project by taking this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LBYS65R

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  11. HI, due to my husbands allergic reactions to the chemicals used in”fashion” and fabrics shipped from overseas, these stores actually smell of chemicals when new stock is put out!- – are all the organic clothes ever treated with chemicals for transport/storage etc. ? apparently the chemical commonly used is formaldeyde. as we don’t grow cotton in this country, and have to import it, I just wondered if, even if its organic, does it get treated for import?

    • Hi Bronwen, the honest answer is I don’t know. I would hope not, but ultimately there is no way to know. My only advice would be to either shop secondhand, or to wash clothing before wearing for the first time in the hottest wash the care label allows for so as to remove as much residue as possible.

  12. Thank you. Very handy with lots of brands I hadn’t heard of before. Recently came across Thought (www.wearethought.com) and suggest adding them to the list too. :)

  13. Marianne J Shepherd
    December 23, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    hi there I can’t find an article that I read recently which had various brands from UK and USA. It included one (can’t remember the name) that seemed to be more within my price budget and had clothes which I’d consider to be my style. If anyone knows the article I’m referring to please can they leave me the link. Thank you x

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