8 Places To Buy Ethical Kids’ Clothes In The UK 2023

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Looking to green your kid’s wardrobe? Here are eight great places to buy ethical kids’ clothes – from super sustainable secondhand clothes to organically and ethically sourced clothing. All catering from birth to age 14.

Some brands have paid to be featured here – identifiable by the AD tag after the brand name. We only select brands that we genuinely believe are doing good things for people and the planet.

Something I get HEAPS of emails about is where to buy ethical kids’ clothes. As a mum of two girls, I understand your frustration in not being able to easily find ethical clothes for your growing children.

There are loads of organic and sustainable baby clothes companies out there. However, once you pass the toddler years then options for ethical kids’ clothing start to diminish. By the time you get to age 10, it’s a pretty sparse picture.

What I will say is that if you are thinking about going into business making and selling organic babywear then stop right there. Instead, consider making older kids’ clothing instead, where there is a massive gap in the market!

Where to Buy Ethical Kids’ Clothes

Child playing with sustainable wooden toys, with a blue text box that reads where to buy kids ethical clothing, from birth to teens.

That being said, there are a number of places to buy ethical and sustainable clothes for kids from birth to age 14. My kids are aged 7 and 11 so we haven’t had to navigate the teenage years yet, but I’ll share as many tips as I can to cover dressing babies, toddlers, kids, and teenagers ethically.


Kids denim shorts on a clothes hanger

👕Caters for premature babies to 16 years.

eBay is one of my all-time favourites for ethical kids’ clothing. There’s nothing more ethical or sustainable than secondhand clothing, so eBay is brilliant if you want to shop ethically but on a tight budget.

eBay is also a great place to stock up on clothes for older kids and teenagers – just make sure you click the used filter at the side.

One thing I particularly love about eBay is the fact that parents sell bundles of clothes that their kid has grown out of. Just search, for example, “girls bundle age 3 4” and you can find hundreds and hundreds of bundles of clothing. Here you can pick up practically everything your kid will need in one parcel for very little.

If you really want to get the most for your money then my top eBay thrifty trick is to stock up on winter wear in the summertime, when fewer people are searching and bidding on winter wear. And likewise, searching for summer gear in winter is a superb way to grab some great bargains. I’ve also got lots of eBay tips this way.

Charity Shops

Kid's clothes on a hanging rail in a charity shop

👕Caters for premature babies to 16 years.

My other favourite place to shop ethically for kids is in charity shops. I’m really lucky to have a Barnados charity shop near me that exclusively sells kids’ wear and gear. I’ve come out of there with a pile of fantastic clothes for my kids and spent a little over £10.

If the charity shops near you don’t cater much for kids then Oxfam Online is a super place to shop for secondhand ethical kids’ clothes online. Here you’ll find sizes ranging from birth to age 16.

Delivery is a flat fee of £3.95, no matter how many items you buy. What’s more, they also offer free returns making Oxfam Online a hassle way to shop for ethical kids’ clothes.


frugi kids ethical clothing

👕Caters for newborns to 10 years.

Frugi is a great stop if you are looking to buy some new ethical pieces. Catering for babies and kids up to age 10, Frugi’s bright and colourful clothes are made from organic and ethically sourced cotton.

All of Frugi’s outerwear is made from recycled plastic bottles, which is great. However, you may want to buy a microplastic catcher for washing, as these types of materials do release microfibres when washed.

Offering free delivery and an easy returns policy, it’s an easy way to shop from home.

Toby Tiger

Two kids wearing bright clothes from ethical kids company Toby Tiger.

👕Caters for newborns to age 8

Toby Tiger is another ethical kids’ online shop that’s big on colour.

Offering sustainable, vegan-friendly and fair trade clothing that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic, this is a great choice for kids aged up to eight years old. This independent certification ensures that all Toby Tiger clothing meets strict organic environmental standards. 

Each piece is designed with comfort in mind, whilst being designed to withstand play and repeated washing.

What’s also to love about Toby Tiger is that its kids’ ethical clothing is not gendered. Instead, its bright and fun unisex clothing is designed to be worn with love and then passed along to another kid.


Two kids wearing organic t-shirts from Lost Shapes.

👕Caters for newborns to age 16

If you’re looking to shop directly from independent makers then Etsy is the place for you.

Here you’ll find great ethical kidswear from makers like Wiltshire-based Lost Shapes (pictured).

Lost Shapes sells colourful kids’ organic, environmentally friendly, and fairly traded t-shirts and jumpers. These are all screen printed by hand using eco-friendly yet durable inks.

These all come in sizes up to age 14, with prices starting from just £8.

Another Etsy favourite of mine is Sprout Organic. Here you’ll find bright and bold unisex clothing for kids from newborn to age 5.

SwapC’s | AD

Two children wearing SwapC's clothing.

👕Caters for newborns to age 12

If you are looking for even more sustainable kids’ clothing options, then SwapC’s is the place to go.

This innovative online platform allows you to swap the clothes your kids have grown out of for new-to-you pieces that fit. Catering for babies and kids up to 12 years old, you can filter by brand, item type and size to find what you are looking for from a host of other swappers.

SwapC’s says its main aim is to reduce overconsumption. As such, its unique coin-based system means you can only ‘buy’ items once you have accrued enough coins in your wallet by listing and passing your items on. This way, you are truly part of a circular fashion community.

The site is completely free to sign up to. Plus, to get you started, you receive 2 free ‘coins’, which cover the delivery cost of the first item you buy.

SwapC’s was set up by Steph, an eco-conscious mum of two, who originally set out to inform parents and carers about the damage caused to the environment by the textile industry. So as well as clothes swaps, you can also find handy slow fashion hints, tips, and details of in-person clothes swaps.

Polarn O Pyret

Three kids wearing sustainable stripes clothing from Polarn O Pyret.

👕Caters for newborns to age 12

Catering from birth up to age 12, Polarn O Pyret makes ethical kids’ clothes in a range of sustainable materials. From GOTS-certified organic cotton to organic wool and more. All of their clothes are designed to last. In fact, Polarn O. Pyret says that every garment is made to last at least 3 children if not many more.

Polarn O. Pyret also has many great sustainability measures in place. It offers a free repair service to fix zips and replace broken poppers on all of its outerwear garments. This is regardless of when they were purchased.

It has also recently introduced a buy-back scheme to help reduce clothing waste. Here, when your child grows out of their Polarn O. Pyret clothes, it will help you find a new owner for them. In return, you’ll receive a voucher to use on new items online. This applies to all clothing, from socks to swimwear, no matter where you bought it from or how old it is. All you have to do is make sure the item is clean and not damaged before sending it back.

Sign up for the Polarn O Pyret mailing list and get 15% off your first order.

I hope this is helpful in your search for places to buy ethical kids’ clothes! Have I missed any of your favourites? And do check out my post on how to buy kids’ clothes that last for some useful pointers.

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