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Enjoy this house tour of this colourful vintage home in London, packed full of secondhand treasures.

I love looking at other people’s houses online for ideas and inspiration, especially homes that are furnished with secondhand finds.  I always find they’re so unique and full of character, compared to houses furnished with flat-pack furniture. So when I came across the home of Gigi Eligoloff, editor of Gransnet, the other day, I just had to share the photos here.  I think you may love it!

While the pastel colours of her London home may not be to everyone’s taste (my partner would never let me get away with pink!), I’m sure you can appreciate her unique and beautiful vintage home full of secondhand finds and vintage treasures.  Even her kitchen and cooker are secondhand from Gumtree!

The Kitchen & Dining Area

Gigi had been saving for her dream kitchen, but sadly the money was stolen. Instead, Gigi bought a secondhand kitchen and cooker from Gumtree, and created this truly beautiful kitchen. I can’t imagine getting the same effect from a new kitchen – it’s such a unique space.

vintage kitchen
white metro tile kitchen
gumtree kitchen

The dining area is a colourful mish-mash of vintage home furniture that works really well together.

vintage home decor ideas

The Living Area

The open plan living area looks like a fun and cosy area to hang out in.

pastel living room
vintage pink sofa
vintage dresser

The Bedroom

In contrast to the rest of the house, the bedroom is more neutral, but sitll packed with vintage quilts and furniture.

bedroom with velux windows

Just looking at Gigi’s house makes me feel so happy – it looks so cheerful!  The sustainable aspect of using secondhand furniture found in charity shops, car boot sales, eBay and Gumtree is important, but one of the other things I love most about the house is that it looks so friendly and welcoming!  What do you think?

You can see more of Gigi’s beautiful vintage home on Apartment Therapy.

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all photos used courtesy of Apartment Therapy

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