The Best Zero-Waste Shops In Nottingham To Know

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Ditch single-use plastic with this handy guide to the best zero-waste and refill shops in Nottingham.

With more and more people facing up to our increasing plastic waste problem, there has been a surge in zero-waste shops offering eco-friendly alternatives to disposable products.

Nottingham is no exception. This city famous for its innovation – from HP sauce to ibuprofen and MRI scanners – is now leading the way with its network of refill shops that allow you to fill your pantry whilst ditching single-use plastic.

The Best Zero-Waste Shops In Nottingham To Know

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To help you reduce your plastic footprint, we’ve rounded up the best zero-waste shops in Nottingham. Use the quick links below to navigate to information about each shop, or keep scrolling for the full post.

Shop Zero

The inside of Shop Zero in Notts.

Shop Zero – a zero-waste shop located in the heart of Nottingham – wants to make living more sustainably as easy as possible.

Its handy refills of dried foods and household products help you to avoid the plastic waste associated with shopping at the supermarket. With almost everything you could need to cook delicious meals, it’s a great shop to pick up refill kitchen cupboard essentials. You can even pick up packaging-free sweets and snacks for those not-so essentials that are nice to have.

As well as helping you to ditch plastic, Shop Zero wants to make it easy to make ethical choices. As such, the shop only sells products that help the planet, not harm it – double-checking the provenance of everything it sells for that extra peace of mind.

Shop Zero also wants to make it easy for you to support the local economy. As such, the shop offers food and other zero-waste products from Nottingham-based producers and makers wherever possible.

A handy click-and-collect service is available to make refill shopping as convenient as possible. And for anyone living within 3 miles of the store, an eco-friendly delivery service is also available. Your shopping will be delivered by bike, for the lowest environmental impact possible.

Find Shop Zero at 42a Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ

Waste Nott

Inside Waste Nott in Sherwood, Nottingham.

Do you live in or near Sherwood? Then head on down to the cleverly named Waste Nott. This community-run not-for-profit zero-waste shop opened in 2019 as a community project to provide an alternative to packaged food retailers.

Since then, Waste Nott has gone from strength to strength, offering a wide array of ethically sourced unpackaged dried foods and refill cleaning products. Its food offerings include cereals, grains, baking, herbs, spices, seeds, snacks, tea, coffee, and honey. Meanwhile, its non-food offerings include cleaning liquids and powders, toiletry liquids, toilet rolls, and soap bars. ‘Nott’ a bad selection!

As well as offering a great refill shopping experience, Waste Nott goes the extra mile to provide tips and guidance on living sustainably. Its members also encourage and help others to make a difference in their own way.

Find Waste Nott at 69 Haydn Road, Nottingham, NG5 2LA.

The Good Weigh

The Good Weigh is a beautiful zero-waste shop in Nottingham’s Lady Bay area that is packed to rafters with all the dried foodstuffs you could ever need – from cereals to teas, and confectionery to herbs, spices, grains and pasta.

As well as dried food offerings, you’ll also find fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, fresh bread and pastries. And did we mention the sparkly deli counter featuring cheeses, olives, and other tasty deli treats? Here you can bring your own container and fill up on deli products – all without the plastic wrap or plastic pots that are often synonymous with these items.

You’ll also find refillable personal care and cleaning products for all your cleansing and cleaning needs. In short, it’s a veritable zero-waste treasure trove.

We love the handy drop-off and collect service. This means in the morning you can drop off a bag, filled with your clean containers, and you can then collect your order later that day for a completely hassle-free refill shopping experience.

Find The Good Weigh at 96 Trent Boulevard, Lady Bay, Nottingham, NG2 5BL.

The Body Shop

As a little bonus, it’s worth mentioning The Body Shop. Whilst The Body Shop isn’t a dedicated zero-waste shop, it’s worth knowing that the Nottingham store does have a handy refill station. Here you can refill bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel to help avoid plastic.

The Body Shop is no longer owned by L’Oreal. Instead, it’s owned by a company called Natura – the same company that owns Aesop. Natura has confirmed it does not test any of its finished products or ingredients on animals, so The Body Shop has been able to regain its cruelty-free status.

It’s always better to shop at independent zero-waste shops where you can, but it’s always handy to know about additional places like this to help keep plastic out of your home.

the store at 8 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, NG1 2GS.

Looking for more local guides to refill shops? I’ve got you covered with these handy city guides:

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