An Honest & Unbiased Weleda Skin Food Review

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Looking for an honest and unbiased review of Weleda Skin Food? Great, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my unsponsored thoughts on this eco-friendly skincare staple.

In winter my poor skin takes a battering. Between cold temperatures, strong winds, and central heating, I quite often get windburn on my face.

This winter was no exception. One day I sat over a cup of steaming hot tea complaining to one of my friends about my dry skin woes. My friend, who always has the most beautiful dewy skin, recommended Weleda Skin Food as an effective yet budget-friendly natural moisturiser.

She described Skin Food as a very rich and heavy all-over body moisturiser. It is specially formulated for dry skin hot spots, such as hands, feet, and elbows, but those in the know use it on their face too!

As well as tackling dry skin, I learned it contains only all-natural ingredients. These include organic sunflower oil, calendula, chamomile, wild pansy, and rosemary. I was happy to hear that there are no nasties or petrochemicals in sight.

The Secret To Radiant Winter Skin?

I was sold. If this was the secret to her radiant winter skin then I knew I had to try Skin Food. After I got home, I immediately ordered a tube of this plastic-free cream online from Ethical Superstore*. At just £13.50 for 75 ml, I was surprised at how reasonable the cost was.

Whilst I waited for my tube of Skin Food to arrive, I read up a little on this supposed wonder balm.

What I found is that as well as being recommended by my friend, Weleda Skin Food is also a firm celebrity favourite. Helena Christensen, Adele, Julia Roberts, and Victoria Beckham, to name but a few, are all fans of this cult skin cream.

After much impatience on my part, finally, my tube of Weleda Skin Food arrived. After ripping open the package, I immediately put it straight on my face. What can I say, I was desperate for some relief from the ravages of winter.

The Moral Fibres Weleda Skin Food Review

Weleda skin food tube for natural skincare

I’ve been using it for a month now. I think this is enough time to share my honest and unbiased thoughts. I promise I’m not being paid by Weleda to write this. But you know, Weleda, if you are reading this then do get in touch…!

Before the cream arrived, I was already impressed by its provenance. But after I started using it, I was also impressed with its quality.

It’s such a lovely rich and thick consistency that sinks right into my skin.

It can leave your skin a little shiny and oily looking immediately after application, so I do tend to apply it sparingly at night time. But if dewy skin is your goal then do rub it into your cheeks before applying your makeup for an instant highlighter!

After just a few weeks of use, I was so pleased to find that Weleda Skin Food really sorted out my dry skin. My face is soft and supple and looking well moisturised, and I feel like it’s my new secret weapon for tackling winter skin.

Weleda Skin Food will definitely be my go-to product when my skin is looking red or rough or looking a bit winter beaten.

I thought I would also drop in and add here that in 2023 I have used Skin Food extensively since this initial review that I wrote in 2013. For a decade now a tube has constantly lived on my bedside table – it’s so multipurpose.

Dry hands? Check. Dry elbows and knees? Check. Weather-beaten kid’s cheeks? Check. To help heal minor skin irritations or injuries? Check. Heck, I haven’t found a situation Skin Food hasn’t been able to help. And the best part – one tube lasts for months and months on end.

The Cons

A few words though – due to the oily nature of the cream I’d avoid Weleda Skin Food if you have particularly oily skin. I don’t know if it would do you any favours.

It is also quite strongly scented. Think a heady herbal mix of orange/citrus and lavender – which really lingers.

I personally quite like the smell, it smells really fresh. However, I know others might find it a bit overpowering, so if you don’t like strongly scented skincare products then this is not the product for you.

Where To Buy Weleda Skin Food

As well as being available at Ethical Superstore, you can also find Weleda Skin Food online at Look Fantastic, Sephora UK, Big Green Smile and Cult Beauty. It comes with the Moral Fibres seal of approval!

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