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Where To Buy Sodium Percarbonate (Oxygen Bleach) In The UK For Cleaning

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Here’s where to buy sodium percarbonate – also known as oxygen bleach – for all your green cleaning and laundry needs.

I love cleaning with sodium percarbonate. Whether I’m adding it to my laundry to keep my whites white or my coloured clothes bright, or cleaning my kitchen or bathroom with it, it’s a green cleaning product I frequently have to hand.

And for good reason. When dissolved in water, sodium percarbonate releases a mixture of oxygen, water, and soda crystals to make an effective oxygen bleach.

This has fantastic cleaning properties when it comes to laundry and other household cleaning applications. And unlike chlorine bleach, sodium percarbonate doesn’t release any harmful chemicals that can contaminate our waterways or harm wildlife.

In fact, one box of sodium percarbonate can replace a myriad of toxic cleaning products and many plastic bottles. I’d go so far as to call it a green-cleaning powerhouse!

The good news is that, unlike hydrogen peroxide, it’s not tricky to buy sodium percarbonate. It can easily be cheaply picked up on the internet.

Where To Buy Sodium Percarbonate For Cleaning

Natural cleaning products in a string market bag with a blue text box that reads where to buy sodium percarbonate - aka oxygen bleach -for all your green cleaning needs.

If you’ve been convinced to consider introducing sodium percarbonate into your green cleaning routine, then welcome to the fan club! Here are my favourite places to buy sodium percarbonate to stock up my green cleaning supplies cupboard:

Big Green Smile

Big Green Smile, the ethical cleaning and personal care website, sells sodium percarbonate in a variety of sizes. A 500 g plastic tub costs £5.50 (£11 per kg).

If you’d rather buy plastic-free sodium percarbonate, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Big Green Smile also sells a 1 kg paper bag of sodium percarbonate for £6.50 (£6.50 per kg).

As well as being plastic-free, it’s also even better value – giving you a lot more for your money. I buy this one and decant it into a jar to keep it free from moisture. The bag can then be recycled with cardboard and paper for absolutely zero waste.

Do note that Big Green Smile has a minimum order value of £20, so either stock up on four bags or come back when you have a shopping list of green cleaning products you need to buy.


If you are looking for other plastic-free ways to buy sodium percarbonate, then the good news is that plastic-free retailer &Keep sells a 750 g bag of sodium percarbonate for £5.95. (£7.93 per kg) This comes in a plastic-free resealable bag that helps keep the powder moisture-free.

Once you’ve finished the bag, it can then it is home compostable for cleaning the zero-waste way.

Ethical Superstore

Finally, Ethical Superstore sells a 500 g plastic tub of oxygen bleach for £6.95 (£13.90 per kg). Made by Sodasan, it is made in a carbon-neutral process and has not been tested on animals.

Unfortunately, there are no plastic-free options at Ethical Superstore. As such, I’d love to see Ethical Superstore expand its oxygen bleach offerings.

As always I’ll update this post as and when I find any more good places to buy sodium percarbonate.

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